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Holy Ghosts
Season 2 - Episode 206
Holy Ghosts
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Location: El Bosque, Chile

GHI heads to the southern hemisphere for a pair of investigations in Chile. The first is in El Bosque, where the City Hall has been the site of numerous reported phenomena. Formerly an orphanage, the building also served as a retirment home for Catholic priests, and was used for the torture of suspected communists in the country's 1973 coup. Carlos Contreras, a local historian, shows the investigators hotspots at the location, including a Human Resources offices where the image of a priest has been spotted, the Domestic Violence office, where items have been reported to have been moved overnight, and the basement, which was the location fo the aforementioned torture.

Subbing for Ahsley this week is Paul Bradford, a friend of Barry's who brings some new technology to bear. It's set up, and the team gets to work. Robb and Brandy deploy a device to measure static discharge in the Domestic Violence office, and after a brief foray into the hallway, return to find it at its highest level. Joe and Paul have less luck in the courtyard, where a dripping faucet is mistaken for footsteps. Paul's gets a scare later, though, when, in the basement, he feels something pushing on his head and is immediately spooked. Shaken, he goes upstairs to get some air.

Once Robb calls an end to the investigation, the GHI crew retires to review its collected evidence. There are definitely some weird phenonmena, including a strange light source on the full spectrum camera and various EVP recordings. In their final conference with Carlos, Robb and Dustin play a few of these audio files, including sounds of a chair moving and a voice responding to Robb. Their conclusion is that El Bosque City Hall is definitely haunted.

Location: Valparaiso, Chile

Our second case this week takes GHI to Valparaiso, Chile, to the Santiago Severin Library. Built in the early part of the 20th century, the library houses some 180,000 books and is a central landmark in Valparaiso. According to liaison and local historian Gerry Woodhams, it has also been the site of numerous sightings and experiences, some involving a former director of the library and his wife, as well as a former janitor named Juanito.

The investigation gets underway, with the team excited to see if Paul's new data logger will help them detect any temperature shifts. It's put to the test when Dustin and Barry feel a draft in the basement, but reveals only that there was only a one-degree variation. The investigation's key moments come in the library's theater, where Robb and Paul hear disembodied voices coming from the stage. They look into it, but get an even bigger surprise when Paul's request for a chair to move is answered with creaking from the audience area.

Unfortunately, the analysis of the evidence doesn't bear much fruit. Joe thinks he's found something in thermal imaging, but Barry quickly points out that it's only glass reflecting Dustin's body heat. Neither EVP nor Paul's data logger turn up any new information, and Dustin and Robb relate to their host that no concrete evidence was found. They're a little disappointed at the lack of findings, but drive off excited at what Paul's technological contributions can mean for GHI's future paranormal investigations.

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