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Silver Shadow
Season 2 - Episode 208
Silver Shadow
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Location: La Falda, Argentina

The team's back in Argentina this week with a visit to the Eden Hotel, which many folks claim is the most haunted spot in the country. The hotel opened in 1899 and was a destination for the rich and famous, but is now a museum. Curator Rose Zicari leads the initial tour, detailing phenomena like the sounds of voices and moving shadows. Particularly of note are encounters children visiting the museum seem to have with the ghost of a little girl.

The tour concluded, Robb orders the lights out, and the investigation gets underway. Robb and Brandy very quickly have an experience while seeking out the spirit of the aforementioned child, including a cold spot that seems to respond to Robb's calls and move from room to room. Dustin, who says he, as a parent, feels a special affinity for cases like this one, also encounters sound and movement when investigation a house where a baby's spirit is said to reside.

Barry and Paul set up a new piece of equipment in the basement - a strobe light designed to catch moving shadows. Meanwhile, Robb, Ahsley and Joe visit the dining room, where readings on the EMF detector seem to respond directly to questions. It seems something is definitely going on at the Eden Hotel.

The investigation concluded, Robb orders everyone back to central command for analysis. Paul didn't pick up any visual with his strobe experiment, but did record audio that sounds like footsteps. Meanwhile, Joe picks up responses to Dustin's questions in the Little House. In the end, there's a lot of evidence to present to Rose, and the team concludeds that Eden Hotel is, indeed haunted.

Location: El Bosque, Chile

This week's second investigation takes place in one of Australia's most purportedly haunted locations. The Monte Cristo homestead was home to a family called the Crawleys, and is now a museum. Curator Reg Ryan tells of numerous phenomena experienced by him and his family, including cold spots, moving objects, and disembodied voices...including orders from Mrs. Crawley, herself, to leave the house.

The team sets up their cameras and gets the investigation going, and the residents of the Monte Cristo homestead very quickly make their presence known. Robb and Brandy hear female voices, while Brary, Paul and Ashley sense a presence in the dining room. Joe and Dustin, meanwhile, hear a window rattling in Mrs. Crawley's bedroom, a phenomena they're sure can't be linked to any concrete source.

In the analysis phase, EVP recordings seem to reinforce the team's experiences. Brandy hears a voice saying, "Pick me," and there seems to be a pretty clear voice in another recording saying, "Get out." Robb and Dustin go over the evidence with Reg and feel comfortable confirming the latter's belief that the Monte Cristo homestead is the site of paranormal activity.

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