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San Lucas Prison
Season 2 - Episode 212
San Lucas Prison
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Location: Puntarenas, Costa Rica

As the team rolls out, Robb informs us that Dustin won't be along for this particular trip, then tosses it to Brandy, who runs down the history of Costa Rica's San Lucas Island Prison. Built in 1862, it's the Costa Rican equivalent to Alcatraz, and has a dark history. Tour Manager Craig Lapsley meets the crew at the boat that will ferry them to the island, and regales them with tales of prisoner torture and the murder of both a nurse and a priest within the prison's confines.

Once they arrive on the island, the GHI team gets a tour. Key spots include the prison courtyard and its "torture circle," a holding cell in which a dead prisoner was hidden in an effort to secure extra rations, and a graffiti-festooned cell in which the nurse was supposedly murdered. Unfortunately, Craig doesn't have a lot of actual historical detail, but he wants to be sure the island is safe for tourists.

The team sets up and starts investigating; a task made more difficult by the fact that there's no power and what sounds like an impending thunderstorm. Barry and Robb start with a thermal sweep, and immediately run into...something - a dark shape that Barry sees moving into one of the cells. Paul and Brandy, meanwhile, are in the engine room, where they feel a heaviness and that they're being watched. Paul even gets chills, which he claims to be a rare occurrence.

Ashley and Barry also strike quickly, hearing shuffling and a woman's voice near the infamous torture circle. All signs seem to point to the murdered nurse, so Robb and Joe hit up the dispensary, where the nurse worked. There, they encounter more disembodied noises and a white apparition that Robb sees move behind Joe. A follow-up investigation in the same room by Brandy and Paul also turns up more inexplicable noises.

After conducting a full sweep, the Robb calls the investigation, and everyone packs up. They move on to analysis, where EVP turns up hit after hit - multiple voices saying what sounds like, "Yeah," and a female voice from the dispensary. During the final client meeting, Robb and Barry also unveil what sounds like a groaning picked up by an unattended camera. They are confident in calling the location haunted, but reassure Craig that, whatever spiritual presence resides there, it is not harmful. Mission accomplished, they sail off into the sunset, happy to have completed another adventure.

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