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The Legend of Rose Hall
Season 2 - Episode 213
The Legend of Rose Hall
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Location: Cartago, Costa Rica

The team's tropical adventure kicks off with a visit to Costa Rica's Carlos Duran sanatorium. Built by a doctor who specialized in treating tuberculosis, the site also served as an orphanage and prison during its history and, on arrival, Robb is impressed with its size. Head Tour Guide Mardy Ocampo Villalobos meets the team and shows them around the grounds, where apparitions galore have been reported. These include an old woman whose silhouette appeared in a photographer's pictures, as well as a girl who manifested in various locations around the sanatorium.

Once the tour is finished, the team gets to setting up and things get underway in earnest with Robb and Ashley on the second floor of the Women & Children's hospital building. During an EVP session, they register EMF activity that seems to indicate something passing through the room. Brandy and Joe have a couple of interesting experiences, particularly on the roof of the Director's House, where a pop or click is heard. Meanwhile, Paul and Barry discover some laundry in the Church that could account for movement being seen through the windows, and conduct an investigation of the Director's House using a full-spectrum illuminator designed to display phenomena that can't be seen by the human eye. Paul hopes a methodical examination of the photography will reveal something.

Robb calls the investigation, and the team retires to the analysis phase. Brandy discovers an EVP hit from her and Joe's time in the Director's House; something that Brandy interprets as, "Help." Meanwhile, Paul and Barry find multiple examples of apparitions in their full spectrum photography. When this evidence is presented to Mardy, she's kind of freaked out by it, but Robb reassures her that, while he can say the sanatorium is haunted, the spirits seem benign, and are nothing to be afraid of. Having thus reassured Mardy, the team rolls out, satisfied with the hard evidence they found.

Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Next up, the team visits one of the most reputedly haunted locations in the world, Jamaica's Rose Hall. There, 2,000 slaves were held under the ownership of Annie Palmer, an incredibly cruel woman who is referred to as "the White Witch." Rumored to have learned voodoo from her Haitian nanny, Palmer also murdered her husband with arsenic and presided over the torture of numerous slaves before being stabbed to death by her lover.

Property Manager Kathy Marley shows the team around Rose Hall and details the numerous paranormal phenomena that have been reported, including moving shadows and photographic anomalies in pictures of Annie Palmer's bed and mirrors. Excited by the location's reputation, Robb orders lights out and gets the investigation underway.

As the night wears on, nearly every member of the team has a personal experience. In the Hall's Dungeon, Brandy and Joe hear a particularly loud noise. Paul's photography reveals what looks like a face, while Barry encounters a sudden tobacco smell in the library. Ashley gets a whiff of strange perfume while investigating the Sewing Room with Robb, and an EMF detector hit leads Robb to conclude that they had some company.

Robb calls the investigation, and the analysis phase begins. Brandy notices a rather large rodent in the bar area, which could account for reports of bottles shifting. Meanwhile, Robb and Barry dissect photographic evidence, demonstrating how a camera's flash and different angles taken in photographs of mirrors could lead people to falsely believe they've captured something paranormal. With that much evidence being debunked, and despite Kathy's insistence that the White Witch remains at Rose Hall, Robb reluctantly declares that the team has found nothing paranormal at the site.

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