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The Devil's Wedding
Season 2 - Episode 217
The Devil's Wedding
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Location: Halden, Norway

The team goes to investigate some of the boldest claims they've ever faced, in the Fredricksten Fortress in Norway. Robb and Ashley start at the bell tower, a spot where a woman, now known as the White Lady, was said to have killed herself and later, as a ghost, to have pushed a lieutenant to his death. Robb tempts the spirit by standing on the ledge and provoking the White Lady into touching him.

In a buffer zone of the fortress, Paul and Brandy set up a laser tool that will pick up the slightest disturbance in space, while Robb may have caught a ghostly face on his camera, and Susan and Barry, in search of the White Lady, hear some bone chilling screams. Paul and Brandy reach for a presence thought to frequent the stairs, but may have found a normal explanation in the high EMF reading coming from the exit sign and refrigerator.

In the reveal with Magne, their client, they deliver the disappointing news that they had no contact with the White Lady, but he's pleased with some of the normal explanations they present, such as fox cries sounding like a woman's scream, and a camera malfunction showing what they thought would be a ghostly face.


Location: Tallinn, Estonia

The next stop is The Old House in Tallinn, Estonia, where a legend circulates of a former inn owner witnessing the Devil getting married, and several reports of more contemporary paranormal experiences, as well.

Brandy and Robb start in Apartment 6, the room where the Devil is said to have been seen reveling in his matrimony, and both hear footsteps. Ashley and Barry investigate the claims of a Soviet pilot seen in one of the rooms, and hear some unsettling noises. Barry and Paul then try their luck in Apartment 6, to see if any of the claims of plates and glasses clinking, or people laughing and singing can be substantiated.

They present their findings to the client, Christian, and tell him that most of the claims had normal explanations, such as people in adjacent apartments rapping on walls, or the pliant steps snapping back to make it sound like people were walking, even if there was no one there. Christian is relieved to be able to tell any future tenants that they have nothing to fear, and the GHI team heads off for their next adventure.

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