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Demons of Nicaragua
Season 2 - Episode 218
Demons of Nicaragua
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Location: Masaya, Nicaragua

The team heads to Nicaragua, and Susan, after introducing the ghost hunters to her extended family, leads the way. She and Robb check out the Beast Tower in Coyotepe Fortress, where Satanists have been known to perform rituals. They both feel strange sensations and pursue a mysterious noise with the feeling that they're being toyed with. As Joe and Barry investigate the site of an exorcism, they hear footsteps and call on Scott and Paul for backup, who report that one of their cameras has gone out. Revisiting the Beast Tower, Scotty and Joe hear a "Hey," and hope to catch it in analysis.

In the reveal with client David Jaen, they're happy to report several catches of entities responding directly to questions, as well as something manipulating their equipment. But the jewel of their investigation is a silhouette of a person, caught by a combination of the still camera and the laser device. David is thrilled to have proof, and takes their advice to seek a priest willing to perform an exorcism.

Location: Leon, Nicaragua

Their next stop is Leon, at the museum of Carcel XXI, a onetime facility where criminals were held and political prisoners were hideously tortured. Many of the employees have quit due to the high level of paranormal activity.

Paul and Scott head to the affluent cells and follow the sound of footsteps, but they seem to be always one step behind. Robb and Scott then head to the church that sits atop a mass grave of prisoners, and hear a loud knock from the stage. Joe and Barry seek the apparition of a man smoking a cigar in cell block 4, which held the worst of the worst. Susan and Robb attempt to communicate with the spirits of the people who died during torture, and find some interesting EMF spikes and eerie noises.

They tell the client, Emilio Martinez, about their personal experiences, the straightforward response of "Si," to one of their questions, and the intriguing phenomenon of a traveling ball of light that seems to correspond with the sound of footsteps heard by the investigators. He is completely blown away, and shocked at such strong evidence of paranormal activity.

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