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Pirates of the Caribbean
Season 2 - Episode 219
Pirates of the Caribbean
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Location: Omoa, Honduras

In Omoa, Honduras, the team heads to Fortaleza de San Fernando, a former fortress and prison with connections to the history of the pirates of the Carribean.

Robb and Susan project some images in the powder room that may be familiar to the spirits and Susan speaks to them in Spanish, immediately eliciting noises. Joe and Scott head to the museum, where they hear noises of furniture moving, as the client has. Susan and Robb then move to the church, where people have heard voices and a guard felt the bench under him moving. Not only do they both get chills, but the needles on their meters dart about — and Robb starts to get chest pains. Joe and Barry revisit the powder room and hear what sounds like someone being dragged along the back wall. Scott and Robb then head back to the church to follow up on the claim of the guard being lifted out of his bench, and hear a bizarre screeching noise — something seems to be playing with them. Paul and Barry head to the roof, where they speak to the spirits in Spanish and English, but hear little more than thunder.

In analysis, Susan has a banner day, finding a recording of a man's voice saying "mujer" (the Spanish word for "woman,") and another voice saying, "No." They present these findings to the client, Aldo Zelaya, an anthropologist. Also in their reveal are a video recording of spikes in EMF readings, an audio recording of furniture moving, and several other audio clips. Aldo is surprised and impressed that so much evidence was caught, and the team is pleased to have shown him new possibilities in the world of the paranormal.

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