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Disturbance at the Inn
Season 1 - Episode 2
Disturbance at the Inn
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With a recent cave-in presenting an obstacle to their investigations, Patrick introduces us to the newest member of their paranormal team: RIPA 2. RIPA stands for the Remote Investigator of Paranormal Activity and is a mobile paranormal investigation unit. This small all-terrain vehicle is equipped with video, audio and lighting equipment, designed to get into the nooks and crannies of the mine that Kristin and Patrick are unable to reach themselves, guided by remote control.

With the help of Stan, Patrick guides RIPA into the caved-in area where Duck and Greenhorn Jay nearly met their maker the day before. Breaching the area beyond the cave-in, RIPA 2 slowly crawls forward into the darkness. Suddenly, her camera begins whipping around as she barrels ahead of her own accord. Patrick frantically tries to regain control of RIPA, but to no avail; they watch in disbelief on their remote monitor as she moves around with no controls. Patrick finally manages to regain control of RIPA and guides her out safely from the mine.

The miners set to work for the day, needing to clear through some of the cave-in rubble and assay it for possible gold. The miners make a grisly discovery: multiple bone fragments. Unable to determine if they are of human or animal origin, Kristin carefully collects and packages the bones to send to Larry; as mine owner, it's his responsibility to send them off for analysis.

After this disturbing discovery, Larry arranges for the miners' families to join them in town. The miners are thrilled to see their wives and children, gathering at Sumpter's only hotel, a quaint bed and breakfast. After a relaxing night, the miners return to base camp on the mountain while their families remain at the bed and breakfast.

But just as everyone is about to get settled for the night, Greenhorn Jay frantically knocks on Kristin and Patrick's cabin. Jay's wife called him in a panic reporting paranormal activity at the bed and breakfast. The investigators grab their gear and rush to the hotel where they meet a visibly shaken Kate, who describes her ghostly encounter. Kristin is a tad suspicious of Kate's account, given that she had witnessed an apparition upon waking up from a deep sleep, but is shocked when Kate's son confirms that he saw the same apparition from across the room, having been wide awake himself. Patrick and Kristin decide to conduct an investigation of the bed and breakfast on the spot.

The investigators arrange a series of motion detectors on the hotel stair; almost immediately, the detectors go off, one by one up the stairs. With Kristin and Patrick being the only ones in the hotel, they head upstairs. They head to the common area where Jay's son said he saw a figure. Kristin sits on a chair to conduct an EVP session while Patrick heads to Kate's room where she saw a figure across from her bed.

As Kristin closes her eyes and prepares to settle into the silent darkness, the common room TV flicks on to life, scaring her. Kristin and Patrick could find no explanation for how the TV turned on by itself. As they settle to continue their EVP session, the TV turns on by itself again. Rattled, they decide to pack it up for the night, leaving a few strategically placed cameras filming throughout the night.

In the morning, they make a shocking discovery when reviewing the footage from the full spectrum camera left in Kate's room: a black, smoky mass manifests in the chair across from Kate's bed, just as she described from the night before. Stunned, the investigators reveal their findings to Jay and his family. They believe that, given the nature of the apparition and personal experiences from the night before, the apparition is less a malevolent presence and more of a residual haunting, given the high traffic of the hotel through the years as both hospital and Freemasons' lodge.

This offers some relief to Jay and his family, but leaves far more questions than answers for Kristin and Patrick as they try to make sense of the paranormal shroud that has seemed to envelope the entire town of Sumpter, beyond the darkness of the mines. With no hints of profit yet, the miners have some questions of their own, wondering if there's even any gold to be found at all in that confounding mine.

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