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Vengeful Spirit
Season 1 - Episode 3
Vengeful Spirit
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After disappointing and unprofitable returns from their hard work, the miners find a high-grade gold ore in the western tunnel of the Crescent Mine. While Fast Eddie and Dingus press on in the western tunnel, Greenhorn Jay and Buckett head deep into the eastern tunnel in search of more gold. Kristin and Patrick keep an eye on the miners via their infrared surveillance camera system in the mine as they work.

When Fast Eddie's drill mysteriously malfunctions, they head out. Just then, Kristin and Patrick notice that Jay and Buckett's head lamps slowly fade out and die, leaving the two men in complete darkness nearly a quarter of a mile into the mountain. They blindly turn around and fumble to make their way out of the darkness. Kristin and Patrick greet Eddie and Dingus when they emerge, when upon learning that two of their teammates are left in the dark, promptly turn around to bail them out. Jay and Buckett are relieved but shaken once help finally arrives.

Kristin and Patrick use the opportunity to conduct a quick investigation back in the eastern tunnel. Their K2 meter begins spiking wildly as they investigate the area where Buckett and Jay were working before their lights went out. As Patrick conducts an EVP session, he very clearly hears a voice respond when asking for a name. When he tries to play the audio back for Kristin to confirm what he heard, she hears nothing instead. Frustrated, they make their way out of the mine to review their footage.

That night, the miners invite Kristin and Patrick around their campfire. While it's far from a kumbaya moment, it gives everyone a chance to talk candidly about how they feel about the strange happenings in the mine.

The next morning, when they review their footage, Patrick is still unable to isolate the name he heard in the mine: "Joe." Instead of a name on the audio, there's an unusual burst of static instead. As they continue to review their footage from the day before, they also discover a shadowy figure standing behind Fast Eddie just moments before his drill fails. In the footage, Eddie seems to be looking right at the figure without actually seeing it.

Kristin heads into town to meet with a local historian, Junior Perez. As a Native American resident of Sumpter, he believes that the very land itself is cursed, not just the mine. He believes that the Sumpter dredge, a giant gold mill that tore an eight mile-long scar across the Sumpter countryside in its insatiable quest for gold, has angered the spirits of the earth. With this new piece of information, the investigators head to the dredge, now preserved as a historical site.

They tour the massive complex, hearing tales of puzzling apparitions and gory recountings of miners who met untimely deaths in the gigantic gears of the dredge. They also learn of a regular haunt at the dredge: Joe. With Patrick's interest piqued at the familiar name, they set up their equipment to perform an overnight investigation.

After chasing ghostly footsteps throughout the dredge, Patrick charges after a full figured apparition on the second floor. Doors begin to open and close on their own. Convinced that someone is in the dredge with them, they chase the footsteps to a third-floor balcony, with no possible entrance or exit beyond the path they had already taken. As their motion detectors begin going off, Patrick and Kristin coax "Joe" to appear before them. Kristin lets out a frightened shriek when a full figured apparition appears on the thermal camera viewfinder and they watch as the white-hot figure disappears around a corner.

The next morning, the investigators present their evidence to the mining crew. Fast Eddie denies that he saw or felt anything in the mine when his drill failed, despite the disturbing figure seen standing next to him on film. The miners are similarly surprised by the thermal camera footage and EVP evidence at the dredge. 

Ghosts or not, with their first satisfying taste of some rich gold at the Crescent Mine, the miners are determined to press on deeper into the mountain.

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