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Gold Fever
Season 1 - Episode 6
Gold Fever
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With the discovery of a secret Masonic mine, Kristin and Patrick have a whole new mystery to unravel in the mountains of Sumpter, Oregon. 

Deep in the new mine, Patrick begins experiencing wild hits on his K2 meter. Both he and Kristin begin hearing strange noises. Stan and Eddie, meanwhile, find an ore vein rich with gold that flakes off into their hands. They too, begin to hear strange noises, at first attributing it to the groan of decaying timber in this old mine but decide to head back.

Back near the entrance to the mine, the investigators are overwhelmed with an influx of data. With odd noises happening all around them, Kristin is concerned for the structural integrity of the mine, but Patrick doesn’t seem to care. Joined by Stan and Eddie, they make their way back out into the fresh air. The miners have clearly developed a case of gold fever while Patrick may have caught a touch of ghost fever himself.

That night around the campfire, Stan and Eddie share the news about the new mine. Despite it being rich with gold, the old mine portal requires a lot of work to make it safe. They decide to do the minimum work needed to shore it up and decide to chase the vein into the mountain in search of that sweet gold profit.

The investigators meet with Larry, the mine owner, to express their concerns about the miners’ decision to blast out the new mine based on the overwhelming paranormal evidence they found the day before. Larry remains too focused on the golden bottom line to care and informs them to conduct one last investigation before they begin their work.

Kristin and Patrick suit up and head into the mine, already noticing that too many tools and artifacts have been left behind, as if the previous miners just up and walked out in the middle of mining. As they head deeper, Patrick sees a figure at the end of the shaft. He snaps photos with his digital camera, chasing after it. Kristin too sees it and chases after it with Patrick. They reach a dead end where the mine appears to have caved in. They both have an ominous feeling at the back of the mine and notice an abundance of quartz in the mine walls.

While conducting an EVP session, an old dynamite box tips over on it own, preceded by a high K2 spike. As they continue, Kristin begins having trouble breathing despite adequate oxygen levels. At that point, the investigators end their session and head out. They reveal their finding to Stan and Larry, revealing a series of startling photos showing a full figured apparition in miner’s gear that disappears into a wall. Despite this, Stan informs them that the miners have already begun working to clear out the new mine.

As the crew checks out the mine, they note the previous miners’ hasty exit. After hearing some strange noises, they notice that Dingus has gone missing. Buckett searches for him, finding him at the same dead end Kristin and Patrick had discovered earlier. Disoriented, Dingus mumbles about following “somebody back there” into the mine. They take him out for some fresh air and call it a day.

This was the last straw for Kristin and Patrick, who presents all of their findings to the mining crew. Kristin becomes visibly upset when the crew collectively agrees to forge ahead in spite of their warnings that something evil haunts the mine. They finish up their work and blast out the mine, clearing the way to begin mining that rich payload.

Ready to cash in on their gold profits the next morning, the crew is shocked to see the mine entrance has collapsed overnight. The crew is immediately suspicious when Larry fails to show in the morning. They assume that he’s collapsed the mine purposely to higher a cheaper crew to mine it out, effectively cutting them out of any extra profit. But with no one hearing anything in the night, Kristin and Patrick wonder if there’s a more paranormal cause behind the collapse.

Disappointed, but still $80,000 dollars richer with the profits of what they’d mined so far, the miners still don’t know what to make of the mysterious mine. As the miners and investigators part ways, everyone is left with more questions than answers about what – or who – may live deep within the mountains of Sumpter, Oregon.


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