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Return to Darkness
Season 2 - Episode 1
Return to Darkness
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The Ghost Mine team is back for another go at the Elkhorn Mountain Range in rural Sumpter, Oregon, and another shot at that sweet, sweet mountain gold. After the mysterious destruction of the freshly unearthed hidden Masonic mine, the team reunites to try and salvage what gold they can after a somewhat disappointing profit last mining season.

After hastily "tramping out" last season at the first sign of "tommyknockers" (miner's lore for ghosts or spirits that dwell within the mines), Duck is back on the team, as the promise of gold is just too much for him to resist. The whole crew is back, with Stan at the lead. Patrick and Kristen return as well, ready to dive into another season of detailed investigations into the possible hauntings in and around the mines. Everyone gets settled into camp to begin another season of hunting for gold.

Mine owner Larry arrives, and shares with Stan that he thinks someone has been trespassing on the mountain to try and uncover the collapsed Masonic mine. That night at dinner, the crew discusses their plan to maximize their limited time on the mountain. Stan proposes they create a cross-cut access tunnel to get at the collapsed mine from the other side. This will require more intense efforts by the miners, but the promised payload is much greater than what they've mined thus far.

On the first day of the mining season, the crew heads into the mine with Kristen and Patrick to survey the Eastern tunnel area where, last season, the investigators and crew felt a strange wind. They find traces of richer gold veins, so they agree to blast a hollow wall. Kristen warns that blasting could once again stir up paranormal activity within the mine.

Once the crew does a preliminary check for the structural integrity of the newly blasted tunnel, Patrick sends in an upgraded RIPA 3 to scope out the area. With the robot's help, they discover an old cave-in. The crew and investigators head in to get a closer look for themselves, only to find several strange artifacts. Kristen and Patrick use the chance to conduct an EVP session in the cave-in room, as well as setting up a full spectrum camera that shoots an image every second in a 360 degree circle over an hour. With K2 meter hits and some strange sounds on their audio recorder, they head back out to analyze the evidence. Meanwhile, the miners debate whether or not to press through the cave-in room.

Patrick and Kristen share their evidence with the crew, who remain undaunted in their quest for gold deeper within the mountain. Jay and Jamol, last season's greenhorns, prove their salt by successfully blasting the wall of the cave-in room themselves. Before the dust can settle, Kristen and Patrick get a call from Larry that he thinks he's spotted the trespasser on the grounds. They head out to meet him and Stan but don't find their mystery man. Patrick has a hunch that something paranormal may be to blame, and begins to scan the area with his IR camera. He picks up a suspicious full-figured shadow in the trees that wasn't seen with the naked eye.

That night, Kristen and Patrick head out to the woods to try and see if they can lure out the shadow figure. Patrick brings a "trigger" object with him: A hundred year-old mining ax from the town. He hopes the trigger object will help lure out any entities or ghosts from that time period. After a long night on the mountain with a few EVP hits, they head in to review the evidence. They determine the entity on the mountain is not Joe, the entity that seemed to be ever-presence on the mountain last season. The next morning, they share their findings with the team. Armed with the knowledge that paranormal activity is once again afoot on the mountain and Kristen and Patrick's commitment to keep them as informed as possible about what's going on, the crew commits to forging ahead.

As Kristen and Patrick review the footage from the 360 full spectrum camera, they find something unusual that demands a closer look. Heading into the "ballroom," they examine the back wall with black light. A strange, unknown residue shines brightly on the rocks under the black light, leaving Kristen and Patrick puzzled at this strange new development in the mine.

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