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Shadows in the Drift
Season 2 - Episode 11
Shadows in the Drift
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With the blast into the wall beyond the new bulkhead a success, Jay and Dingus are astounded to discover they've broken through the side of the mountain. Eddie checks it out and discovers a debris pile just below the opening into the mountain, suggesting that the drift they intended to blast into is directly below them. The crew hustles to get the opening stabilized with wooden supports to try and mine whatever they can at this point, with the mining season nearly at a close.

Kristen and Stan return from their Arizona trip; Stan reveals to the crew that he went to check out a new mining prospect that allows them to mine year-round instead of being bound by the harsh seasons on the mountain. The crew's spirits are dampened slightly when Kristen reveals that this new mine may be just as haunted as the Crescent.

Eddie fills them in on the issues with blasting into the quartz face; Stan is shocked to learn they've blasted through the side of the mountain. Patrick volunteers to rappel down the back of the mountain armed with cameras so he can check out to see if Eddie's guess about another portal below it. The crew agrees and remains around the campfire while Kristen and Patrick go off to conduct a thorough investigation of the new drift.

The investigators feel as though they're having to play catch-up with their investigations, as the crew is so focused on gold at this point, they're blasting away without really keeping Kristen or Patrick in the loop. As they climb the ladder up into the raise, their K2 meter begins spiking. They take the opportunity to conduct an EVP session. When Kristen asked about gold in the mines, the entire platform underneath her shakes, hard.

Patrick shows Kristen the blasted-through portal and she's shocked she can see Baker City through the platform, confirming her earlier theory about how Chinese ghosts tend to move along straight lines.

The next morning, everyone heads into the mine as Patrick prepares to rappel down. Armed with three cameras monitored by Kristen, he makes his way down the treacherously steep mountainside. After a brief scare, he comes to rest on a landing below them blocked with another bulkhead. He finds another Masonic symbol carved into the wood. Beyond the bulkhead, Patrick can see that it's caved in.

As he climbs back up, he has a hunch about how the symbol was carved facing the outside of the mountain as opposed to from the mine side; they investigate the wooden panels of the bulkhead they broke through only to find that it too had Masonic markings facing opposite the way they broke through, meaning that the Masons were blocking people from mining into the mountain.

Eddie and Stan lead the way in the opposite direction of the blasted-through face; as they move further into the mine, Kristen and Patrick's equipment begins going off. They arrive at another manmade cave-in and they begin hearing clanks and voices beyond the cave-in. Patrick quickly records audio to try and capture what they're all hearing.

Kristen and Patrick review their footage and theorize more about the Masonic bulkheads that they've been finding. They wonder if the Crescent Mine entrance once had its own bulkhead. They also discover they've captured a shadow figure and a voice just beyond the newly discovered cave-in. They take their evidence to Stan as well as words of caution about opening up a dark presence: the voice they heard was translated from Chinese into English, meaning "demon." Stan informs the investigators that Jay and Dingus are already in the mine, working to clear out the cave-in.

Kristen and Patrick speak with Larry, following up on their theory about the Crescent Mine portal being blocked by a bulkhead at one time. While Larry states that there wasn't when he opened it, a bunch of timber came out with a rush of water instead, and might have included an old bulkhead. The investigators decide to comb through the debris to see what they can find. Patrick pulls up a piece of wood that may have the evidence they've been looking for.

Meanwhile in the mine, Jay and Dingus begin to experience strange happenings, including being touched. As they dig deeper, Jay calls into the darkness at someone - or something -beyond the cave-in. Whatever it is, the pair are not alone.

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