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Wandering Spirits
Season 2 - Episode 4
Wandering Spirits
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As Patrick and Kristen review the evidence about the Chinese miners with the crew, something shakes the cook shack, hard. They all rush outside to see if it's the trespasser, but all come up empty-handed after the spooky incident. Just like the last time this happened in the same location last season, Patrick and Kristen conduct an investigation around the area that night.

First, they tried to debunk that it could have been a person; after repeated attempts, it was impossible for someone to hit or shake the shack and get away in time without being seen. While they hear a few sounds, their investigation remains inconclusive.

Kristen and Patrick head to Baker City to learn more about Sumpter's Chinese miners. They meet with a historian Greg Nokes, author of the book, Massacred for Gold: The Chinese in Hells Canyon. He shares with Patrick and Kristen the exceedingly dark history of how three dozen Chinese miners were brutally murdered by mine owners in 1887. He also tells them about prayer houses in Chinese cemeteries made by the Chinese miners to pray for their dead.

The investigators visit the Chinese cemetery on the outskirts of town. There, they find a prayer house similar to the ruins they found near the Crescent Mine. They find a large number of graves have been dug up, as the remains have been transported back to China, but several gravesites still remain, indicating that perhaps their spirits may not be at rest. While there, they conduct a brief EVP investigation.

At the mine, the gold seems to be diminishing in the Western Tunnel, so the crew blasts through the barrier. Before they widen the blasted out opening, they hope to get a glimpse of what's inside, but it turns out RIPA sustained a little more damage than previously thought. Patrick works with Greybeard and even Duck (for a few minutes) to try and repair RIPA.

Kristen takes the time to check out the "Chinese walls," a massive area of discarded debris sifted through by the Chinese miners, spanning over 60 acres. As she conducts a preliminary investigation, she begins to hear rocks falling all around her, but no source.

The next day, mine owner Larry arranges some time for the miners to spend with their families as a much needed morale booster. There, Jay and Mikey go head-to-head competition on the jacklegs in a continuation of their friendly rivalry. Mikey narrowly beats out Jay by just fifteen seconds, keeping Jay squarely in greenhorn status. Around the campfire that evening, the families begin asking about the paranormal activity around the mines. Kristen and Patrick assure everyone that they have a transparent partnership to keep the miners in the loop and safe from paranormal danger. Patrick discovers that Jay's son, Ashton, has an interest in paranormal investigation and shares some of his wisdom with him.

The crew begins their final work on the dogleg to cut around the ballroom. Initial inspection reveals that high-grade ore is likely. Just to be safe, Stan has Patrick do a sweep of the area to see if they get any abnormal readings. Finding none, they all head to see just where the dogleg leads. Strangely, it dead ends, making no sense to the miners. They are unsure exactly where they are within the mine as it went in an entirely different direction than they planned.

That night, Kristen and Patrick head to the Chinese walls to conduct a more thorough investigation. At first, not much comes up on their equipment, but as Kristen begins to ask about the Crescent Mine, their K2 meter begins to pick up hits.

Just then, rocks begin tumbling right next to Patrick. Have they contacted the lost soul of a Chinese miner from the Crescent?

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