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Mystery Train
Season 2 - Episode 6
Mystery Train
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The mining season is nearly half over and paranormal activity has been consistently increasing but, unfortunately for the miners, their profits have not. Still pressing forward deeper into the mountain, the crew is determined to get to that rich face of gold they discovered last season. After the security guard fled the wooded area on the mountain chasing their phantom trespasser shouting about a forest fire, the investigators check out the area.

They realize that Cary, the guard, had fled the area around the burn house and try to determine if there might be the remains of an old Chinese miner cemetery. In their investigation, a full-body shadow figure appears on Kristen's IR camera. They are able to recreate the photo, possibly proving that someone unseen was standing next to a tree, watching them. They conduct an EVP session and call it a night.

When they review the EVP evidence the next morning, Kristen finds a strange response to one of their questions: A distant train whistle they hadn't heard the night before on the mountain. They head to the Sumpter Valley historic railroad to learn more.

Once the lifeline of the valley during the gold rush, the old rail lines were built on such narrow gauges that deadly derailments were a regular occurrence. Carrying everything from supplies and mined gold, the train also carried the bodies of deceased miners. Now, it's a historic site. The depot manager informs them that the train was not running at the time of their EVP session. Kristen and Patrick suspect the train might host residual hauntings, so they ride the train and examine the train yard in the nearby town of McEwan.

As the sun sets, they chase a set of mysterious sounds, including footsteps and strange banging noises from the old railcars. Patrick even picks up a full-figured entity on the IR camera. When they run over to the railcar to investigate, they find no one, but as they conduct an EVP session, more strange noises happen around them. As the train whistle sounds, it's time for them to head back to Sumpter. As the only passengers on the train, Kristen and Patrick have a unique opportunity to conduct a paranormal investigation on the moving train. With EMF spikes and a door that mysteriously opens on its own numerous times, the investigators have a truly spooky experience on the ride back to town.

The next day, the investigators get a call from miner Jay's family, which is staying in town. Jay's son Ashton has something very surprising to share with the Kristen and Patrick: He appears to have captured ghostly evidence of his own in the town the night prior. While having dinner with his family and some of the other miners at the Elkhorn Saloon, Ashton was filming some family footage and captured what he thinks is a shadow figure. Patrick and Kristen are surprised by his compelling footage, and decide to make a visit to the saloon to learn more for themselves.

While the saloon has only been in existence since the 1950s, the site where it stands now was once the old Belvedere Hotel. There, the investigators and Ashton team up to try and debunk his video first. After a few unsuccessful debunking attempts, Kristen and Patrick speak with the owners to learn more about the saloon's checkered history. They learn the saloon has a history of paranormal activity, including many people feeling as though someone is walking by them when there's no one there. They also learn of a widowed woman whose miner husband was killed in the mines; she would come to the saloon every night and eventually drink herself to death. Armed with a little more information about this saloon, Kristen and Patrick set themselves up for an overnight investigation.

With high EMF readings throughout the space because of a large amount of electrical equipment, the investigators can't rely entirely on their EMF readings. They conduct an EVP session, attempting to contact the spirits who may be residually haunting this space. As they ask questions, a pair of pool cues mysteriously fall over in the next room. They continue to hear all noises without a source and Patrick even finds a heat signature with his thermal cam left on one of the chairs along the bar. As the activity dies down, they call it a night.

The next night, the investigators meet with the miners and their families at the bed-and-breakfast in town. They want to be fully transparent with them about their investigations, including what they've been doing and what they found so far, in order to keep the families in the loop. From the train yard to the saloon, the families now understand just how widespread the paranormal activity is through the town. They're appreciative that Kristen and Patrick have been so forthcoming with their evidence.

The next day, the miners are back on the mountain ready to work and get ever closer to that promise of gold. However, an alarming and potentially life-threatening danger waits for them in the distance: A massive forest fire that's headed right for them.

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