Go Shark Yourself


Go Shark Yourself puts you straight into a Sharknado with nine different Shark Cams to choose from, this is perfect survival preparation for a Sharknado.

Use the app to:
• Get sucked into Sharknados in our Nation’s capital, Florida and more new locations
• Defend your loved ones from shark attacks with chainsaws, alligators and even the Constitution
• Enjoy the view from inside a shark's mouth, amongst other places

Add Sharknado memes and filters, then share your shark pics on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Whatsapp, SMS and more!

The Go Shark Yourself App has everything you need. Except for Piranhas.

App Features

Open the app, take a photo and insert yourself into a picture with a shark.

Add effects like blood, different settings, weapons or more.

Once you've taken your photo, share it with the world (or, really, with social media).