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My Mother's Ghost/Paranormal Predator
Season 1 - Episode 2
My Mother's Ghost/Paranormal Predator
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The Godfather of the Paranormal and his team are on their way once again in search of spirits attached to objects, and the haunts promise to be bigger than ever!

John's kids, Aimee and Chris, are debating what to do with the ever-expanding collection of dolls in their dad's haunted museum, when John announces he has a new video from a woman named Charlotte that they all need to watch.

Charlotte's story:  Unexplained activity in her house is freaking her out and her son is highly stressed.  So off goes the team to California.

She reports that she's had 5 relatives pass away in the last 8 months, so she's distraught.  John needs to stay objective.  There are angels that belonged to her mother, which may carries spirits, and a toolbox that was her uncle's.  Turns out he was murdered- that's a red flag!  There are plenty of other personal experiences to report, and Charlotte just wants a resolution.

In the pre-sweep, the team discovers high-EMF readings coming from inside the wall behind the crib belonging to Charlotte's baby.  Brian and Chris discover massive electrical boxes on the outside of the building opposite that wall, which could explain a lot!

Later, Chris and Brian investigate the back of the house, and when they talk near the music box they get a response so startling they call in the boss to check it out!  When they ask, "What year do you think it is?" a voice says "Purple flowers."!

An antiques dealer explains that the music box is from the 1980s and probably cost about $60 dollars. Such boxes were often heirlooms of significant personal value.  

When Charlotte listens to the recording, she says it's her mom's voice!  Purple was her mom's favorite color, and she loved flowers that were purple.  John advises her, however, that she needs to not try to communicate with the voice but move on.  It's a heartbreaking choice, but Charlotte asks John to take the box away.

 Next, Chad in La Mirada asks the team to help him understand what's happening in his house.  Lights flick on and off, doors move and Chad's son can't sleep at night because he's afraid and the team really wants to help the kid out. There's a large crucifix on the door: John says that either means the family is very religious or very afraid. 

Chad's girlfriend swears that she's seen a figure standing in the closet. It turns out Chad keeps an old bayonet knife from the Viet Nam War in there.  Weapons hold on to energy, so that's worth investigating.  In the son's room, there are shark jaws hanging on the walls.  In the living room, where Chad hears strange noises, there's an antique cane gun.  There are several taxidermy items in the house, which could potentially carry spiritual energy.

Daytime sweeps find high, yet inconsistent, energy levels around the cane.

The nighttime investigation boasts some interesting activity in the boy's bedroom, and everyone hears tapping.  There definitely seems to be some activity on the cane.  John brings it to a weapons expert, who identifies the gun as a French weapon from the 1870s.  It was a gentleman's weapon, but there's no reason to suspect it's causing the haunting.   Aimee 's research narrowed the possibility that the gun was used in a murder in the 1870s.

The jaws could well be carrying energy as well, scaring the young boy.  Chad has John take the suspected items away. 

He now reports that all the activity in his house has stopped. 

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