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Burning Spirits/Ghosts of the West
Season 1 - Episode 3
Burning Spirits/Ghosts of the West
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Tonight's show opens at a Zaffis family dinner, where John tells the team he's hoping to hand over the paranormal museum to his son, Chris. This business is a family tradition started by John's uncle, and Chris has proven he has what it takes to run the museum.  Aimee's just glad its not going to be her!


In the first case,  the group heads to Albequerque, New Mexico.  With its Native American and Spanish influences, New Mexico offers some high paranormal possibilities, and the Backside Alehouse claims to have such spirits that include: a fireplace that ignited itself, beer taps that open on their own, footsteps and shadows. The most frightening part is that the gas on the stove turns on by itself, to the point where the owner and a cook were hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning!

It turns out that owner, Alicia, has a collection of Native American artifacts, including an authentic tomahawk, an arrowhead she found on the property and an old whiskey jug she bought in the same shop as the tomahawk. 

The daytime sweep drew some voice responses on the EVP.  Beth experienced the footsteps scenario in the bathroom and is totally freaked out.  Then each of the team members all smelled something burning- but there's no fire anywhere.  You have to remember, John says, "Spirits have the capability of making smells."

During the night investigation Beth senses that the building is unusually hot, as if there had been a fire there.  Plus, the attic has high EMF readings, and the team finds a wooden box that could be a detonator!!  What the heck?!? 

An expert in coal mining takes a look at the box the next day. The expert finds that it's an old mining box for using dynamite, and it turns out in the 1920s there was a mine explosion where several workers were killed.  AND they're bodies were unrecoverable because the mine is still on fire today.

A highly emotional Alicia asks John to take the box away, and hopefully that will put the matter to rest. 


Next, the team heads to the St. James Hotel in New Mexico where manager Steve reports paranormal activity that includes guests being pushed over a railing!  The hotel is practically a museum of the Wild West and the saloon was even the site of a gunfight in which 26 men were killed. 

There's one particular room- T.J. Wright's room- that's the source of so much distress that the owners keep it padlocked.  While conducting daytime EVP in that room, Beth starts feeling strange and her nose starts bleeding! This is something John has seen happen once before, so it could be paranormal. Though Bryan suspects the dry air and altitude could explain the occurrence.

That night, Bryan and Chris do nighttime EVP session in T.J.'s room to confront the spirit about the nosebleed. But they get no response.

John and Beth use the traditional glasses of water/temperature measurement.  One of the glasses of water drops from 68 degrees to 42 degrees! 

The team suspects that it's the bullets in the ceiling of the saloon that are carrying paranormal energy, but the Inn's owners don't want to tear open the tin ceiling.  But in a historic place like the St. James, it would be impossible to remove all the spirits anyway, so they just need to be accepted supernatural activity as part of the building's history.

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