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The Sanitarium/ The Firehouse Phantom
Season 1 - Episode 4
The Sanitarium/ The Firehouse Phantom
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Case # 1

Donna Wagner in Stratford, CT, has had a ton of paranormal activity that includes seeing the apparition of a child, glass spontaneously shattering and her tenants getting scratched! Why is this happening all of a sudden? Donna is visibly shaken. 

In her home is an antique lamp that serves as a cigarette lighter, a pool table that belonged to the deceased former owner who had a troubled past, and a statue that the tenant had left behind: it was of her father, and it had been made in Belize.  Could it be that the statue is cursed?? 

During the daytime sweep the team leave little cars in hopes of summoning the apparition of a child. They also marked the area with chalk to note any suspicious movements in the space. Meanwhile, John and Beth find they can't keep any batteries working in the basement, which could be attributed to a paranormal energy drain.

Meanwhile, Aimee's research reveals that the home used to be a sanitarium!  A neighbor who lived near the house as a youth said people often went into the house, but never left…

That night, the guys return to the apartment to see that one of the cars had moved. But they also notice that the floor is tilted, which rules out paranormal activity—darn.  Yet, in the basement, John and Beth once again experience battery drain even after using a new recorder and new batteries. Then John hears a voice and spots a crawlspace.  Bryan goes in and finds a bunch of bottle toppers and a broken bottle.  An antiques expert says the bottle was used to store poison.

Donna is adamant that John remove the bottle, and she's clearly upset that her house was a sanitarium. 

Case #2

Next, Gary at the Hose Company No. 3 and Historical Museum in Pueblo, Colorado is having some trouble.  According to Gary, two vehicles started up and traveled on their own and he's also heard voices and breathing. Reportedly, a child died in the building years ago so this could offer some explanation for the paranormal occurrences in the building.

Because of the power lines around the building, there's no point in trying to read EMF so Bryan's using a natural tri-field meter which measures the DC meters (the earth's natural energy).  Then Bryan and Chris use a radio frequency device to talk to a ghost. There is a full on conversation with a ghost named WILLIAM, who uses the word BOOK and DOOR and he wants to talk to JOHN!  Whoa.

Looking around the firehouse, the guys find a plaque memorial for a man named William who was killed in a car wreck.  During the nighttime investigation, Chris notices that a bookcase door was suddenly open!  Inside, they find an antique broach that has high EMF levels.  A jeweler informs John that the broach was a Victorian mourning broach, which contained human hair to remember a deceased loved one.  Even the jeweler himself doesn't like to handle such objects because they're creepy!

When Gary learns where the broach was, he is shocked because that cabinet has been locked for years. Gary sends the broach home with John to the museum, and to date reports that the supernatural activity has slowed down. 

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