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Uncivil Spirit/Revolutionary Ghost
Season 1 - Episode 5
Uncivil Spirit/Revolutionary Ghost
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Case # 1 Nina Cruz in Maryland has informed John Zaffis of a bullet—and not just any bullet, but a haunted bullet!  She lives near the site of one of the bloodiest Civil War battles in the U.S.

After Nina's husband dug up the bullet in the back yard, the paranormal activity began. He's since re-buried it, but the activity continues. It seems there may be some digging to do on the property to sniff out more paranormal items.

For the daytime sweep John and Bryan use the metal detector and shovels to find the bullet, while Beth and John conduct EVP sessions in the house.  In the basement, Beth gets really queasy and has to leave- something's up in that room.  After hours of digging, the guys finally find the bullet and some other mysterious items. 

Researching, Aimee learns that the British soldiers actually used the land around Nina's house for camp, and there were deaths within that camp. 

During the night investigation, everyone hears a huge crashing noise but there's nothing around to indicate the cause and Beth feels ill again.  During another EVP session they hear another intense bang that shakes the house!  Was this caused by the items that Chris and Bryan dug up?? Then they find a new hole in the wall! This is looking more like poltergeist activity!! 

Later, a Civil War historian announces that the guys had dug up a part of a soldier's backpack, a breast plate that soldiers wore around their necks as a cartridge box and a bullet with bite marks in it.  Clearly, someone once had a painful procedure and bit the bullet to deal with the pain.  This is likely the source of the activity in Nina's house- John declares! Naturally, Nina asks John to take it away.

Case # 2

Now, Ken Spooner in New Jersey asks for help.  He lives right near the site of the Baylor Massacre- and he is experiencing the sensation that something is pinning him down so he can't breathe while he's sleeping. He also claims that he's seen a British soldier.

The house has several antique items of interest, including a tobacco press, an Indian voodoo statue and a trick lock from medieval times.  The daytime sweep shows areas of high EMF, and during an EVP session John asks, "Did you die here?" and a light bulb explodes!  Bryan immediately calls the electric company and it turns out there where was a power surge in the area.  Phew, no paranormal.  Bryan and Chris do, however, get some sort of verbal response on their EVP session.

The night investigation is slow and uneventful.  Just as the team is about to give up, the guys catch an amazing video on the DVR! Something walks right past the bed!  They stay all night to try and solve the problem, but nothing more happens. 

Ken is shocked by the video of the spirit in his bedroom.  John says that the spirit is attracted solely to Ken!  He's a trigger for the spirit to re-enact its life experience. John suggests Ken move out for a while to see if the feelings go away.  A month later, Ken calls in that since he's left his home he's had no experiences.

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