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Slaughterhouse Ghosts/Supernatural Sword
Season 1 - Episode 6
Slaughterhouse Ghosts/Supernatural Sword
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The Haunted Collector has saved the best for last!  In the season finale, John and the gang find some of the freakiest "stuff" yet.

Case #1

John and the crew meet a woman named Michelle from Fairfield, CT who is hearing banging noises and something is scratching her horses. Michelle lives in a loft apartment near the barn where she keeps her animals, which she relies on for income from children's parties. Her property is jam packed with antiques, a gargoyle and a bizarre wood carving that Michelle buried down the road.

Beth and John run the daytime sweep but come up with no results. However, during an EVP session, they do get a direct response to a question but they just can't figure out what it is! Meanwhile, the guys go to dig up the carving Michelle buried. 

Aimee learns that a Hungarian farmer once used the barn as a slaughterhouse! Brian's Hungarian, by the way, and he calls out the language on the EVP recording as… you guessed it!  Hungarian. Translating software tells the team that the voice is saying, "Open him."  (This is all just too freaky.)

The nighttime sweep finally turns up a heat signature that's hotter than body heat!  It turns out it's a knife hidden in a toolbox. But why would it be hot?  To the touch it feels cold leaving the team to wonder if this has something to do with the voice saying, "Open him." 

When John does research on the artifact, a knife expert says that the knife would have been used in the slaughterhouse in likely horrific events. Michelle swiftly agrees to have John take the knife away.

Case # 2

The team investigates the home of a man and woman named Eric and Jessica. Eric has been taunted and scratched by ghosts with no explanations! The torment has made such an impact that Jessica has actually left her husband. The dogs have gone crazy to the point where one of the dogs chewed off its own tail. 

Getting out of the car, John himself is suddenly scratched!! The interview reveals that the home's former residents left in fear and Eric has seen therapists and doctors to help him understand what is happening.  He has several artifacts of interest, including a hearse with a cut brake line, crystals and eerie swords.

The daytime sweep picks up EMF readings all over the swords- but not on the wall behind them.  John is walking through the house and the crystals suddenly fly off the shelf and totally FREAK John out.  Brian thinks its not paranormal, but rather faulty shelving. 

Aimee learns that the former residents never had paranormal experiences; leading John to believe the activity is attached to an item. The nighttime investigation is making Beth very nervous, and John is very worried for his team. 

Talking through the ghost box, they hear John's name and Eric.  Then they have a direct conversation with tapping noises that reveal the swords may well be the host to the spirit.  John, like several psychics before him, has a feeling there's something under the carpeting in Eric's bedroom.  They pull up the rug and find some crazy religious symbol surrounded by blood red wax!  WHAT?? 

Research concludes that the swords are religious and ceremonial. 

BUT, the symbol on the floor is the Cross of Salem, which could be a mark of black magic. Eric is devastated by this information- and needs to break the cycle of bad energy.  He has John take the swords away with hopes that it will lead the evil spirit out of the apartment.  John also decides to seal the floor to lock that energy in.

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