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Haunted Mansion/Ghost Mill
Season 2 - Episode 1
Haunted Mansion/Ghost Mill
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Oh, this is going to be fun!! 

The new season of The Haunted Collector promises to dig up some outrageously haunted objects! John Zaffis, who has 40 years experience helping folks find the objects in their homes that have spirits attached to them, is taking on some of his toughest cases yet!

John announces that Beth has left the team to get married. Joining the crew, however, are 2 new investigators. Jason Gates, who specializes in research, and Jesslyn Brown, a paranormal investigator. 

Charlet Sosh of Warsaw, Kentucky reports that her 200 year old home is haunted. Charlet has been awakened by spirits moving blankets off her body. In the yard she's uncovered Native American artifacts, like arrowheads, pottery and what looks like a human bone. In the downstairs bedroom, an antique vase crashed to the floor without explanation. In the upstairs bedroom, friends caught video of a shadow figure pass outside the window and a heavy door slammed! 

Charlet is worried that if something that has enough energy to move a heavy door, what else can it do?

During the pre-investigation, the focus will be on debunking. The guys try to figure out what could have made the door open. Jesslyn and John figure out that the uneven floor could cause the vase to fall. They take temperature readings, and when John takes out the human bone, the temperature drops over 7 degrees!

Aimee and Jason investigate local history to learn that there was a steamboat collision in the 1800s where about 100 people perished- RIGHT ACROSS FROM CHARLET'S HOUSE!

During the investigation, Charlet sits in the living room and the equipment is lighting up! John has her lead the EVP session, and they pick up a voice of a little girl saying, "Oh my God!" Poor child! 

The local sheriff identifies the bone as a human vertebrae- the size of a child! John insists that he and Charlet should bury the bone back where they found it. It feels so good for Charlet to bring closure to the situation. Later, she reports that there has been no further paranormal activity in the home!

Next, in Huron, Ohio a demolition site of an old grain mill is losing employees because of the paranormal activity and they have 48 hours to solve the problem so they can conduct a demolition of the property.  John fears if they don't find the spirits before the demolition there are going to be some angry spirits in Ohio!!

In the mill, the reports are banging and screaming, vents opening and closing, apparitions and a black box moves around the building, gets turned around and is really hot to the touch! It's an old medical kit from the 1930's and it still has blood in it! Lore holds that a man once got caught in the mill and perished, which could also explain the haunting.  A local historian informs Jason that a person was buried alive in the concrete when it was being poured, and recently as 2003 an inspector fell in the elevator and died. 

During the investigation, the team captures crazy sounds! Brian and Chris find crazy EMF readings in a pile of rubble- and when they smash through they find an old lunchbox and ancient knife!   

A local expert declares the lunch pail was typical of the 1940s. But the knife was a Native American knife used for scalping! This land used to be Indian territory! Now THAT is a spooky find! 

 John decides to take the haunted items away, and clears the way for the building to be demolished to leave the area in peace. BOOM! 


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