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Haunted Villa/Spirit Springs
Season 2 - Episode 3
Haunted Villa/Spirit Springs
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On this episode of Haunted Collectors, John Zaffis visits 2 sites that are plagued by mysterious haunts. One of which even had a suicide on the premises- you know this is going to be good!

Case #1 is newlywed Frank Muto of Warwick, New York. Though the business has been in the family for 2 decades and they have always experienced paranormal activity, Frank and his wife recently moved into the upstairs home. Since then, the activity has increased and they're not getting much sleep!  Loud banging and screaming, footsteps, crying, voices and banging, flowers that die as soon as they are placed on the table, and patrons at table 24 get freaked out and want to move to a new seat! The Mutos need help! 

A previous owner committed suicide right in the dining room. Among the interesting objects in the home that could be holding energy: an African tribal mask, an old hand-carved sign and an engraved pocket watch found in the basement. 

The daytime EVP and EMF sweeps fail to pick up anything too abnormal.  Jason sleeps in the master bedroom and is awakened at nearly 4 a.m. by a bone-chilling scream!!  He can't imagine doing that every night! Sadly, the recording of the scream is not that clear.

A local historian confirms the story of the previous owner's suicide, plus evidence that the builders of the house, Martha and Levi Ellis, had endured a scandalous divorce in the 1700s. 

The next night, the team places fresh flowers on the table with a clock to record the time passing. Another vase of flowers went in the basement near the pocket watch. Brian picks up high EMF readings on the pocket watch, and catches a female voice on his recorder saying "lies". Suddenly, the flowers by the watch have completely wilted!! The clock records the flowers died within 30 minutes.

An antiques dealer identifies the watch as from the late 1700s, the time during the scandalous divorce.  All evidence points to the ghost of Martha Ellis, a woman scorned, who is lingering around the watch she once gave to her husband.  John removes the watch, and the activity subsequently decreases!

Case #2 is Historic Jordan Springs event and cultural center in Stephenson, Virginia. Owner Toni is so frightened that she won't even enter the building on her own. In the past 6 months the activity has escalated: reports include furniture moving, women's voices, doors closing, footsteps and shadow figures of monks. Two men reported having an invisible energy pass between both of them!

Found on the property were old medicine bottles and decorative plates made by a monk who once lived there. 

A local geologist informs Jason and Aimee that the minerals in the nearby lands and water are long believed to have healing powers, but 6 months ago there was an earthquake. Juuust when the activity started to heat up for Toni!! Hmmmm…..

During the night investigation, Chris and Brian follow the EMF detector into the woods and discover an odd native American Fetish Doll that FREAKS John out!!  He calls in George Filhart, an expert on Native American artifacts who says the porcupine quills poked into the head of the object indicate it was made to cause harm. This could absolutely contribute to the activity in the area and George recommends burning it. 

It could be the earthquake ignited the power of the doll, and the monk had been trying to protect the land. John is going to have George burn the object. 

Toni later reports the activity has ceased!


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