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Priest Gun/Haunted Asylum
Season 2 - Episode 4
Priest Gun/Haunted Asylum
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An old insane asylum, a gun used in a suicide and outrageous shadows are ahead!  This is going to be one great episode of Haunted Collector!

Case #1 takes the team to Sawyer, Michigan, where Joanie has had enough of the whispering, faces in the windows and shadow figures in her home. The activity is increasing, she is terrified and needs help! 

Joanie's hobby is metal detecting and her husband is also a collector, so there are many objects that could be holding paranormal energy including a gold dental bridge, old bullets, a gun used in a suicide by a priest and mourning jewelry made from deceased people's hair.  

The daytime EMF sweep picked up abnormal readings on the dental bridge. During Brian and Chris' EVP session over the gun, some kind of energy was trying to invade the air around the pistol.

Jason and Aimee, however, bring the gun to a dealer and learn that it was manufactured years after the local priest had committed suicide. So the story doesn't match the gun, yet the gun still has some activity around it!

During the nighttime investigation Jess was terribly frightened by a shadow figure in the garage just as the REM filter burst into activity. The surveillance camera picked up a black form moving in the living room right where the dental bridge is!

A dental expert identifies the bridge as being from the 1950s, and claims that it would have been hard to remove. It could likely have been removed from the mouth post-mortem or during a drowning in which the water would have dissolved the cement over time. 

John believes the energy is from the bridge. Joanie says she would be honored to find the owner of the dental bridge so that he or she may find peace. She later turned the bridge over to the police, and since then the activity has stopped.

Case #2 is the former St. Alban's asylum in Radford, Virginia. Don Hanauer, the director of operations, would like to turn the abandoned building into a museum but can't because the paranormal activity is getting in the way. People have been accosted in the building, women have fainted after being punched or pushed, photographers have come to take pictures and left crying, and people don't feel very safe.

Among the artifacts discovered in the building was an old axe, which seems to relocate itself to various floors and rooms!  John speculates that employees could be moving the axe, however. A large safe has moved by itself, but John seriously doubts any spirit could move such a heavy object. Still, this is a very creepy building!

During the daytime sweep Jess and John pick up crazy noises during their EVP session, including a loud crash within the walls. Interesting, but not necessarily paranormal. At night, an EVP picks up a voice saying "memories".  Then, in the basement, Chris and Brian find an old medical device that really peaks John's interest. He brings the device to a local doctor, who identifies the item as an electrical stimulator used to help depressed people. Could it have been used for electric shock therapy??

Don instantly asks John to take the device away. Since then, the activity has decreased and the renovations have been able to continue.


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