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Haunted Rectory/Grand Midway Ghosts
Season 2 - Episode 5
Haunted Rectory/Grand Midway Ghosts
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Tonight, the Haunted Collector  hears from Tim Brazeal of the Northwest Preservation Society, who is restoring a historic rectory in Sedamsville, Ohio.  At least, they're trying to restore it, but there's something dark and evil going on in this once abandoned building.   

The Society has lost many of its volunteers who are afraid of the paranormal activity.  Cabinets open and close, chairs slide around and sightings of a cloaked figure from the late 1800s. Worst of all is that something BIT Tim and he is VERY worried, naturally. 
There are old church robes, an old suitcase moves, a door covered with scratches and tons of dog bowls and cages in the eerie basement.

Oh! Did we mention a priest was allegedly murdered in the bedroom? That might explain something!  If John and his team can't figure this out for Tim, he's going to abandon the restoration project because he's too frightened.

The baseline sweep picked up nothing until Brian got scratched down the back in the basement! THREE major claw marks down his back!!  Aimee and Jason can't find evidence of a priest being murdered, but they did uncover news reports of a dog-fighting sting that went down in that area. Could they have been using the rectory?  Circumstantial evidence indicates yes!

The team is going to bring a dog- Ceasar the Doberman- in to help with this investigation.  All is fine until they bring Ceasar to the basement and the dog freaks!!  It just refuses to go down there.  Finally, John discovers an odd piece of wood and he fears his suspicions on what it could be might be true. He brings it to an animal shelter, where he learns it was a break stick used in brutal dogfights. 

So perhaps the scratching and "attacks" are the animals trying to get their attention rather than harm them. 

The next case is the Grand Midway Hotel in Winber Pennsylvania. It was once a hotel but now Blair Murphy and his girlfriend rent rooms to friends and artists.  This is a coal-mining town and was once a rowdy place full of European immigrants, booze and prostitutes. 

Blair bought the building to renovate it, but right away he felt something was wrong.  He hears whispers, voices and footsteps and many of his tenants have left in fear!  In the building they've found old hotel registries, maps of coalmines with tunnels underneath the whole town and old furniture. Experiences include a chair moving on its own, growling noises and glowing figures.

P.S.: There are some freaky paintings in this house! 

The pre-sweep indicated very high EMFs in the basement, with no electrical explanation, and whistle sound, but that was about it. 

Research revealed that there were over 400 deaths in the nearby mines. When there was an accident a whistle would blow and families would congregate in the area of the hotel to learn the identities of the victims.

During the night sweep, however, Brian and Chris find an old headlamp that coal miner's would wear!  And John records another identical whistling sound. Two nights, the same sound. Hmmmmm.

John learns that the headlamp he found was used by filling it with methane.  Often, the lamps would explode- could that be the tragedy that is holding the spirit to this item?  No one can say for certain, but the Blair's did report a decrease in activity once the lamp was removed.


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