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Stirring the Dead/Ghost Writer
Season 2 - Episode 6
Stirring the Dead/Ghost Writer
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Tonight, the Haunted Collector and his team look to relieve a homeowner of her fears, and later visit a haunted bookstore. This is going to be interesting!

First, John Zaffis receives a video message from a terrified Mindy in Lorain, Ohio, a railroad town.  She and her husband Joel have had strange things happening since they began renovations on their home. Her family has seen an apparition, a black shadow figure, objects moving and has heard sobbing and banging- it's become disruptive to their family life!

Mindy says when they started renovations they pulled an old boot out of the wall, and ever since they've heard pounding on the doors and footsteps running up and down the stairs. John notes that it has been a custom going back to Roman times that placing a boot in the wall will ward off any negativity trying to enter the house. Interesting! The couple has also found skeleton keys, old radios and nude photos from the 1940s.

John is intrigued by the radios, as spirits have been known to communicate through them. A local historian informs Aimee and Jason that the former owner, a veterinary doctor, had a young son who had gotten lost and ended up getting killed on the train tracks near the house! 

During the investigation, the team hears odd vibrations and a clear voice saying "YES", when John asks it if Mindy reminds it of anything! In the crawlspace, John and Jess find a hot spot on the thermal camera where the boot was.  Jess climbs in and finds an old compass! 

A local antiques agent declares the compass to be from the 1850s, non-military and a typical tool for a young boy to have. Could this belong to someone who used to live in the house? Perhaps, so John will take it away. He will also return the boot to the wall.  Since then, Mindy and Joel report that the threatening activity has decreased, but they still see the occasional shadow figure.

On to the Browse Awhile Book Store in Tipp City, Ohio. Manager Amanda Carl reports that books move, are thrown, there are shadow figures, and a woman was punched AND scratched on the back. An apparition of a little boy appears, and the manager leaves toys for him- and they move around all the time! One customer heard a voice say, "Get out of my library!" When she met with the team to talk about it, she had a fainting spell and was too disturbed to go back into the room!

Of course, there are a lot of books on paranormal, which could carry energy but also inspire imaginations to get carried away!  Among the objects of interest, are some hardware pieces- old locks- some barbershop accessories and other artifacts and tragedies associated with the building's past. 

Brian and Chris find massive EMF levels in the store- that could explain a lot.  A book by an author named Ann Perry falls off the shelf. It turns out she was a convicted killer- she and her best friend bludgeoned her friend's mother to death. That's CRAZY!

During the investigation, the team catches a ball being forcibly moved on the floor, and John caught the spirit of a child in the room! They tell Amanda that the child must feel safe with her but they can't track any single object that it is attached to. She's advised to put mirrors in the shop window to block energy from coming in. She reports that since then, the activity has ceased.

Great investigation!


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