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Casino Phantom/California Nightmare
Season 2 - Episode 7
Casino Phantom/California Nightmare
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Vegas, baby!

The Haunted Collector starts out this episode at Binion's Gambling Hall and Hotel in Las Vegas, where the big action is taking place off the casino floor.

General manager Tim Lager reports that in the hotel area- which is closed for renovations- employees have been grabbed, heard voices and seen apparitions.  He really doesn't want the customers to encounter any spirits…outside the bar, that is. 

Among the freaky stories was that of a bar back who was grabbed and squeezed until he had a red mark on his arm.  A female impersonator saw a figure of man limping down the hall—and then disappear. Some artifacts are an old straight edge razor, a burned poker chip from the El Rancho Hotel and a vintage match book, an old tie clip found in a secret room.

The baseline sweep shows there's some energy attached to the tie clip, and an EVP session picks up a whisper "Stralla" when Jess asks what the secret room was used for. In the hotel room, Jess hears banging noises but then is freaked by a giant spider.

It turns out the El Rancho Hotel burned down in the 1960s. A local historian tells Aimee and Jason that the casino was once run by a violent man suspected of killing errant gamblers. Shockingly, his nickname was... Stralla!

During the night investigation, John and Chris pick up a voice saying, "Get out". But the most notable activity was around the tie clip. Clearly, further investigation is needed. A local gambling historian who says it was a "little wizard", a device to help players cheat at cards in the 1930s and 1940s. Of course, if the player were caught the punishment would have been death.

Tim asks John to remove the wizard, and since then all paranormal activity in the hotel has ceased.

Next it's the Gomez Residence in Glendora, California, at a compound with multiple buildings. Pedro Gomez comes from a law enforcement background and is not easily frightened. However, the scratching, banging, noises, black shadows, bed moving, and paranormal encounters have him ready to move. The homes on the property are rumored to be haunted, so the team will have to separate lore from fact. 

It turns out the residence was once a halfway house for criminals. During renovations, Pedro came across several oddities including a rope in a tree he thinks was a noose, bone laid across the fireplace mantle and an old photo book. 

During the baseline investigation, John and Jess pick up a voice saying, "murder"! Investigating the history, Aimee speaks with a policeman who used to respond to calls at the house when it was being used as a halfway house for ex-cons. The conditions were extreme and the propensity towards violence was ever present.

The night investigation produced a recording of a voice saying, "Pedro". Then John and Jason find a photo that says "victim deceased". Just as they pick it up, a photo of Pedro comes crashing down and scares the pants off the guys!

Upon hearing the recordings, Pedro really starts to freak. John suspects that the spirits are looking to Pedro for some closure because they were criminals in life and he is in law enforcement. 

Pedro will have to acknowledge this spirit and help it find peace. 


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