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Octagon Hall/Bare Bones
Season 2 - Episode 8
Octagon Hall/Bare Bones
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Volunteers are being attacked. Tour groups have left in terror.  People are afraid to come to visit Octagon Hall in Franklin Kentucky.  Get the Haunted Collector on the case ASAP!! 

The Hall used to be a plantation, and now it's a museum. It is one of the few buildings in the world that has 8 outward facing sides. During the Civil War, the home was used as a hospital. 

Now, the museum hosts hear voices, items moving, little girls' voices, and the apparition of a little girl. They think the spirit is Mary Elizabeth Caldwell, who was burned in the fireplace. The caldron in that fireplace has swung on its own, and in Mary's bedroom men have been pushed.  An old wheelchair in the hospital room moves on its own. And a volunteer reports a physical encounter with a large black figure that overwhelmed him with fear. Out in the old slave cemetery, people report seeing shadow figures. That's a lot of activity for the 8-sided house!

The team does its best to debunk some of the claims of items moving during the baseline investigation. But, Brian and Chris hear a bell ringing in the hospital room and John and Jess pick up a voice during an EVP session outside.

A local historian tells Aimee and Jason that the original homeowner lost his first wife and 2 small children in the house. He then remarried and had a new family, which Aimee surmises would be hurtful to the spirit of the first wife.

The nighttime investigation picked up a woman's voice in an EVP session, and something tugged on Jess' pants when she called to Mary Elizabeth. Inconclusive, yet interesting.  Then, the team hears a bang in the house, and realizes that a portrait of Elizabeth Caldwell, the first wife, was tilted! Was Elizabeth trying to gain a more prominent place in the house?  Perhaps if the museum gives her more recognition things will improve?  They try that, and later report a decrease in activity.

Next, a family in Forestville, NY, is ready to move because they fear the activity in their over 200-year-old home and tattoo parlor right next to a cemetery. Owner Janet Lyndsley and her husband Duane report that when they received the deed to the home they learned that no one has been able to own that home for more than 5 years.

They hear muffled voices, footsteps running, and always feel like they're being watched. Her son says there's a bad guy in the bedroom, and Janet is too afraid to go into the attic.

Duane tells the team that he had been working on the house and found so many bones in the walls that he stopped the work and sealed the walls back up!!  During the baseline investigation, the team opens up the "bones" wall, which were animal remains.

The night investigation picks up the name "Jerome" in any EVP session.  Jason knew from his research that Jerome Bennett, son of a former owner who died young from Tuberculosis, and his tomb is in the cemetery. Meanwhile, in the attic Chris and Jess find an artifact that turns out to be a leech jar from the 1800s.  It would have been used to hold leeches that would suck blood out of people to cure their diseases- like tuberculosis. Hmmm...

John places throws the jar into the river to cleanse it of negative energy, and the family says the activity has ceased.


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