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Ghost Tavern/Terror House
Season 2 - Episode 9
Ghost Tavern/Terror House
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On this episode of The Haunted Collector, John Zaffis and his team investigate the King's Tavern in Natchez, Mississippi.

Tavern Keeper Tom reports that staff and customers are reporting the sounds of a baby crying, women getting their hair pulled, people being pushed and bruised and women getting locked in the bathroom! The staff is quitting and customers are frightened.

The tavern is located right on Natchez Trace and was known for attracting the old south's most ruthless bandits, murderers and marauders. Legend is that "Madeline" the Mistress of Mr. King, was murdered by Mrs. King! A body of a woman with a dagger in her chest was found inside the walls! Also staining the history of the building was the murder of a baby!

Among items of note are a portrait, a tow-man saw and part of a child's casket.

The preliminary investigation reveals that a single brick in the fireplace has a higher EMF than any other area of the house. The team launches into full investigation mode. Brian and Chris, upstairs, hear the baby crying and catch it on audio tape! 

The next day, a local policeman reveals to Jason that he suspects there's a body buried under the fireplace, and a local historian tells Amy that a known serial killer "Little Harp" frequented the tavern, and could have been the baby killer. 

During the night investigation, Amy has her hair pulled by the fireplace and gets hit by a bottle cap! Brian and Chris follow a thermal imaging camera to a hot item, but they can't figure out what it is!  John brings it to an antiques dealer who reports the item is a baby's rattle from the late 1700s! WOW!

Tom agrees to have Tom take the rattle away for a short time to see if anything changes. Immediately, the activity at the tavern ceases! Amazing!

Schuyler Lake is the next destination: the home of Marilyn Senko who lives with her children in an 1800's house. Lately, they all sleep on the couches because they're afraid of the apparitions, glowing eyes, doors slamming and odd noises.

Marilyn shows John a carving knife she recently found in the basement, she also found a box of old pills with names written on them, antique spoons and tools buried in the basement, antique dolls and old photographs.

During the investigation Chris and Brian debunk many of the claims in the bedrooms, but John and Jess hear a voice say "Paul". 

Aimee and Jason learn that the home once belonged to Robert Jones, who acted as the town's doctor during the 1800s. They also find an article that a man named "Paul" was stabbed with an ice pick and died outside the house. Coincidence? Hmmmm…

During the night investigation, Jess and Chris hear a massive knock on the kitchen door! In the basement, Brian and Jason hear whispering and find an old tool. An antiques dealer informs them it was an…ice pick. Whoa.

John removes the ice pick, and Marilyn reports that the activity has subsided!

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