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Firestarter/Haunted Museum
Season 2 - Episode 10
Firestarter/Haunted Museum
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Tonight, the Haunted Collector visits the home of Carol Sardinha, who is in serious crisis.  Carol’s son is being taunted by apparitions, her house keeps catching on fire and her deceased father’s portrait is talking to her mother. A friend even caught video of the lips moving. This woman needs help!!

The team heads to Ansonia, Connecticut, where they are mostly concerned about the fires.  It has been known to happen before, but it requires a LOT of energy. 

Here are the claims:  a fire in the kitchen, which started inexplicably.  At the time, Carol’s mom smelled perfume and saw an imp with red eyes.  Later, a fire started outside the house.  To be clear:  there is no smoking allowed in the house- not even candles!  Carol worries that the troubles are associated with belongings that she recently took from her sister’s home, including a Wiccan broom and Ouija board.  Her son, meanwhile, has seen his bed on fire.  But when he tried to put it out the flames vanished. 

During the daytime sweep, Jess and John suddenly smelled perfume with no source!  At night, the team breaks up and collects evidence that the videotape of the lips-moving portrait was no more than a recorded phenomenon created by autofocus.  De-bunked! 

Meanwhile, John and Jess hear odd noises, and Brian and Jason chase a scuffling sound in the attic.  Searching through boxes, Brian discovers the Ouija board…and it’s broken!!  John is angry that the guys touched it, but hopefully a friend of his will help him understand the energy going on inside the board. 

John brings the board to an Ouija expert.  She tells him that spirits often attach to boards, and breaking a board could release the energy.  John tells Carol about the board, and she asks him to take it away.  He seals it in glass and surrounds it with salt in his museum.  Carol reports that all activity in her home has ceased.

On to the Hardin County Museum in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  Reports are that a man in a brown suit is hanging around the building.  Checkers seem to move alone on the checkerboard, and employees have heard weird noises and even whispers that have told people to leave! 

Blane Willcut, a museum volunteer, tells John and Aimee that they think the man in the brown suit is Mr. Christopher Frasier, a civil war era gentleman.  Meanwhile, a uniform of the Klu Klux Klan that is hidden in the museum is filled with negative energy.  John fears that the dark energy attached to the well-worn costume could be the source of the problem.

During the baseline sweep, John and Jess hear the name Christopher!  Is it their imaginations?  Brain and Jason set up a vibration pad underneath the checkers board, and it alerts them—but nothing has happened. 

That night, the team determines a lot of energy surrounding an ancient slave identification medal just a few feet from the KKK robe. The association between the 2 objects could be causing the stir.  John removes the tag, and the museum decided to get rid of the KKK robe.

Fortunately, there is no longer paranormal activity going on in the museum.

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