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Enfield Horror/Masonic Spirits
Season 2 - Episode 11
Enfield Horror/Masonic Spirits
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Tonight, the team heads to Enfield, CT., where homeowners and concerned parents Jay and Elka Yaple are desperate for help.   

After five years of being tormented by paranormal shadow figures, scratches and even a voice coming over the baby monitor saying "you're all going to die"!  Their twin girls have also had numerous encounters. Elka placed a Bible in their room to protect the girls. When no one was home the Bible was thrown across the room and the pages were shredded! The floor holds the stain of what looks like blood. It turns out a previous owner had committed suicide right on that spot! The twins were talking to a man, right near a strange horn-like object, and drawing pictures of demons. If the family could afford it, they would move in a heartbeat. They are broken! 

First off, Bryan and Chris test the stains on the floor, but there are no definitive results to say that it's a bloodstain. During an EVP session, John and Jess hear odd sounds via the baby monitor.  

Meanwhile, Jason and Amy meet with the town clerk, who informs them that there have been several deaths inside that house including suicides, falls, illnesses and even burning victim. Interestingly, an Italian immigrant named Charles left his home and killed his mistress and her husband then later returned home to take his own life.  

The night investigation gets extremely creepy, as the "horn" in the basement lights up for Jason and Chris. Clearly, this item has something going on.  A local antiques dealer identifies it as a bone necklace worn by Italians to ward off the "evil eye".  Could it be that it was Charles' horn, and he was wearing it when he performed his violent act of jealousy?  
Immediately, the Yaples declare that it needs to be removed.  They later report that the figure is gone from the basement, but there are still shadows moving about. 

On to the Morrison Masonic Lodge in Elizabethtown, KY, where members are reporting footsteps, objects moving and people getting hurt. This was a highly active town during the civil war and the lodge building was a war hospital, which may contribute to any negative energy in the lodge. Lodge Master Tim Sanders reports a civil war sentinel on the landing, and a woman's hair was tugged.  A man was pushed in the back and to his knees when there was nothing behind him.

Among the interesting items are a bugle and a coffin.
During a daytime EVP session, Jess asks if anyone knows what the bugle was for, and a voice answers "Morgan". What does that mean?? Well, public research reveals that the town was invaded by a Union General named John Hunt Morgan during the war!

At night, Jess and Bryan investigate the Blue Room when the lid flew off the coffin. Oh wait, Jess moved a chair, which caused it to fall. Chris and Jason follow a clicking sound to a crawlspace and discover an odd tool.  It turns out it's a phlegm, a blood-letting gadget that was used during the Civil War to let blood out to cure diseases.  

Tim asks John to remove the item, and later reports no further paranormal disturbances.

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