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Haunted Island/Ghosts of Maui
Season 2 - Episode 12
Haunted Island/Ghosts of Maui
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The season finale of Haunted Collector takes the team to… Hawaii!! How exciting!

The client is Steve Bumbar, president of Castle and Cook, a firm who's executive retreat housing is plagued by eerie haunts. The property used to be a pineapple plantation on the island of Lanai, and they'd like their guest to feel welcome, not threatened!

The problems first presented in the master bedroom of the carriage house, where the bed inexplicably shook violently and Bumbar became paralyzed. He was severely disturbed by the incident. But could it simply have been sleep paralysis? 

In the main house and social hall the claims are of all the windows opening and closing, and folks have experienced chest pressure. 

On night one, John and Jess experience a window aggressively slamming to call their attention. It leads them to an outdoor crawl space, which then leads to a secret underground room with a bed in it!  Whoa!

During night two Bryan and Chris catch a cold spot passing by Chris in the secret room and it disappears by the bed frame! What could that have been?  Why is the bed there? This is all totally freaky. So John asks a local, Larry, who's family worked on the plantation what's the story of the underground room. Larry would not even go to the plantation to meet John.

Larry tells John that a former plantation manager was a cruel and abusive man, who possibly drove a servant girl to suicide. The secret room was a servant's quarters, and it could be that spirits are protecting the servant girl from men. John removes the bed, and the paranormal activity at the retreat ceases. Phew!

Since they're already in Hawaii, the team decides to check on the IAO Theater, an old vaudeville theater, in Maui. Michael Pulliam is the manager, and he reports that the building has objects flying about the rooms, soundboards acting crazy, lights going on and off and the appearance of a female entity.  Another spirit and feelings of dread has actors so frightened that it has actually stopped productions!

There's an antique stage phone that is putting off extremely high EMF readings, even though it's not connected. There's also a 90-year-old time capsule that the team has received permission to open. After smashing cement blocks for hours, they finally find an old piece of celluloid and some photographs. John is going to use those objects as trigger objects.

That night, John and Chris capture chanting during and EVP session. And Bryan captures video of a white misty form that moves toward the time capsule.

A photographer takes the time capsule celluloid and converts it to a film, while Aimee gathers fascinating historical information. It seems that the land was once a tribal battle site that saw excessive losses of life. John recommends having respected tribal elders come to bring peace to the land. 

The time capsule film, meanwhile, was from 1928 and was a flicker of a woman.  It's a good possibility that it was the female spirit that is now haunting the building. John and Aimee created a special display for the "Unknown Actress", so that she can be revered by all those who love the theater.

The sightings still continue, but perhaps now the actors won't be so afraid of this mystery woman…

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