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Farm Stalker/Echo Club Spirits
Season 3 - Episode 1
Farm Stalker/Echo Club Spirits
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A ghost that kills horses, and a haunted Inn at the Niagara Falls.  Welcome to the third season of Haunted Collector, where investigators find ghosts and the items they're attached to!

Tonight, John Zaffis and his team travel to Highland Farm in Montgomery, NY to help out Mary Lou.  Mary Lou has seen apparitions and believes that the ghost of Yvonne, the previous owner of the farm, is behind the suspicious deaths of five horses, and is out to harm her as well!  Mary Lou and others have encountered apparitions.  Mary Lou even saw a mysterious swarm of bees die en masse in her billiards room!

Energy can be territorial, so Yvonne's spirit may still be attached to some of the old objects that were left in the attic, or perhaps an old piece of jewelry that belonged to the past owner.

John has Mary Lou join them for phase I of the investigation, and she wears Yvonne's jewelry to try to agitate the spirit into action.  Yvonne responds to questions by tapping and zapping the rim-pod. But when asked if she is harming the animals, Yvonne stays quiet.  When they ask if she knows what is harming the animal, there is a massive BANG from outside. John and Jason run out and make a disturbing discovery: a dead bird. The bird's still WARM!

The next day, Jason learns from veterinarian Dr. James Zgoda that there are often EMF fields on farms, and stray voltage could be responsible for the deaths of all kinds of animals. That makes the audio evidence that Brian caught in the barn more intriguing. He caught a voice saying "don't hurt them". Perhaps Yvonne isn't harming the animals, but trying to protect them! 

Night two is all about gathering EMF data outside and more evidence inside.  Using the Ovilus to convert energy into words, John and Brian are led to the attic.  They discover an antique electrical conductor that could have been used to kill animals in experiments. Interesting. Mary Lou had John take the haunted item away, and John believes Yvonne's work is done and now she can cross over.

On to the Echo Club in Niagara falls.  Deborah Sirianni, the owner of this fine establishment is distraught over experiences including being touched, being locked in rooms and objects shaking. Among the objects that could be inciting activity are an old photograph, an old safe and a alleged jail in the basement (which is more of a location, but go with us). 

During the investigation Jesslyn and John get cold spells in the "jail", while Brian and Chris end up locked out of the basement where they found the photograph. for sure neither of them locked the door! As Brian runs for tools, the door magically unlocks and opens!

Research determines that a man in the photo is Alexander Zaleski, the builder of the club who died in the basement. So on night 2 the team reaches out to Zaleski's spirit.   Noises lead them to a bottle under the safe and video footage shows the bottle moving! Meanwhile, Zaleski's photo falls on the floor while the team investigates upstairs. They find a list of names behind the back of the picture of people Zaleski lent money.

It turns out one of the unpaid debts was held by Deborah's ancestors! John believes if she pays Zaleski back, she may put the spirit to rest and herself at ease…finally.


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