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Emmitt House Ghosts/Shadow Intruder
Season 3 - Episode 5
Emmitt House Ghosts/Shadow Intruder
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Tonight, the Haunted Collector looks for the source of darkness at an Inn with a dark history.  Then, he helps a woman who is a paranormal magnet. 

First, Ashley Anthony, owner of the Emmitt House Inn, has a problem. She has been experiencing increased paranormal activity since she began restoring the historic inn in Waverly, Ohio. The house was built by John Emmitt, Ohio's first millionaire.  In the 1850s a fire destroyed the building and killed three. It was rebuilt in 1861.

Claims are of shadow figures, voices, and the strong smell of smoke.  In the basement, Ashley has seen white mist figures and felt extreme fear and had the feeling of being choked. Among the interesting items the owner has found are a boot and pouch of white powder hidden in the floorboards, and a tattered infant's dress.

The first night of the investigation Jesslyn and John pick up a voice clearly saying "Emmitt" during an EVP session.  Brian and Jason simulate a fire to jar up some activity. As they watch from the command center when they see a mini-hurricane of smoke coming through the floorboards of a nearby room where they had placed the salt. But when they run to check it out, there's nothing there.  Interesting.

The next day Jason takes the white powder to a lab and learns it is a French salt that was used in the 18th century to fight infections. The second night Brian pulls the floorboard up and finds a handmaid veil from the early 1900s. Inside the veil is a patch box. During this time period a small pox epidemic wiped out a third of Waverly's population.  It was a disfiguring disease, so people placed patches over the lesions and wore veils to hide their scarred faces.

Further research reveals that Mr. Emmitt was so busy trying to protect his tourist business by hiding the small pox epidemic that he failed to get his family the proper medical care. Two of his children died of the disease.  Ashley definitely wants the veil and box out.  She later reports all the activity has ceased. 

Next the team visits Brighton, Michigan and Corey Moore. Corey recently moved in with his mother, Pam, to help her out after a few deaths in the family. Since she inherited their belongings there have been paranormal interferences such as cuts and bruises appearing while Pam sleeps, banging noises and shadow figures.  Corey is afraid for his mother's safety!

The team speculates that perhaps Pam is imagining some of the activity because she is sad over the recent deaths. But other people have had experiences in the house.  Items of note are a player piano that a shadow figure has lingered around, a coin Corey found in a cemetery and a set of tarot cards.

The first night the team does a sweep, but then sets up cameras to watch Pam sleep.  They clearly see a dark shadow move across the bed and Pam seems to roll over in response!  John consults a paranormal psychology expert who says she may be a magnet for activity.

The second night, John feels a burn just as there was vibration activity around the coin. Research reveals it was a circus coin that may have been involved in a tragedy in 1903 when the circus trains crashed killing 26 people!

The coin could be holding the negative energy of the event, and could be a trigger item that sparked all the spirit activity that is drawn to Pam.  John takes the coin, and the paranormal activity ceases in the home.

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