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Spirits Of Gettysburg/Headless Horseman
Season 3 - Episode 6
Spirits Of Gettysburg/Headless Horseman
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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Winfield, West Virginia:  two cities with war-inflicted tragedies in their paths and two cities with serious ghost problems.  The Haunted Collector visits both towns in this episode, and the results are spectacular!

First: Michelle Godman, manager of The Herr Tavern Bed & Breakfast in Gettysburg reports escalating paranormal activity. Forks and knives have been found stabbed into the floor and an employee quit after having a door slammed on her face.  In rooms that once served as amputation rooms, reports are of a leg with a confederate stripe on the pants walking into the wall.  Trap doors in the basement- where there was once a counterfeiting operation- open and close on there own.

The Inn has some artifacts, including a rifle likely used by a Union soldier and scissors that could have been used in a dirty amputation during the war. 

The first night, Chris gets to sleep in the inn alone with only the cameras watching.   He is awakened by rattling noises and hears the trapdoor slam!  Clearly, Aimee and Jason need to investigate the counterfeiting history.  The next day they learn that Davey Lewis was nasty and crazy.  He and his partner Joseph Connelly ran the illegal operation, but Davey was hiding money from Joseph- but nobody ever found the money he had stashed.

On night 2, Brian uses a metal detector in under the trap doors but finds nothing.  But Jason catches a distinct shadow figure entering the doorway under the stairs.  John and Chris follow the shadow's path and discover a key tucked away behind a board.  The next day an antiques dealer tells John that it is from the 18th century and was for a high security lock.  Only a person with money and something to keep secure would have it.  Hmmm…

John suggests presenting the key to the Inn and putting it on display will remove the negative energy attached from it.   According to later reports from Michelle, all activity ceased since the investigation.

On to the Bowyer House in West Virginia, where the owner is trying to renovate his 19th century building to make a bed and breakfast.  As with most restorations, the paranormal activity has kicked into high gear!  Oh, and did we mention there's the ghost of the headless horseman riding through the area every night? Yeah, it's that kind of activity.

Claims are of apparitions, footsteps and whispering. One bedroom makes people uncomfortable and there are eerie portraits all around.  Another ancestor, Jerome Bowyer, made several tombstones for himself on the property. Just in case. 

During the first night John and Brian hear noises from one of the tombstones during an EVP session.  Research reveals that Jerome was an honorary general in the Civil War but never saw battle.  At his mausoleum the next night, Jason and Aimee call John on the walkie-talkie and the connection is overcome with static.  They hear the name "Rose".

Around a Civil War shoulder patch, the team picks up energy readings.  Bringing the patch to a historian, John learns that it was Civil War-era.  He also learns that a General Rosecrans came to West Virginia after the war.  Rosecrans, "Old Rosie" had been riding into battle with another officer when a cannonball beheaded a fellow general.  It could be that the shoulder patch is the link between the headless horseman and the Bowyer House.

John removes the patch, and the activity ceases at the Bowyer House.  Well done!

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