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Shadow Boxer/Ghost Storm
Season 3 - Episode 8
Shadow Boxer/Ghost Storm
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A sign of a good paranormal investigation is a lot of bleeps.  As in "what the <bleep> was that?"  Get ready, because this episode of Haunted Collector is full of them!

The team heads to Kansas City, Missouri, to help out the Whatsoever Community Center.  It's supposed to be a safe place for kids, but even the director doesn't feel safe.  They hear footsteps, children see shadows and a visitor felt a spirit pass right through her.  The ghosts are keeping the center from fulfilling its mission of helping children and families!

The center is in a rough part of town and has a long history.  It was a site for unwed mothers in the 1940s and certainly children would have died in the building.  An old stirrup is among the artifacts the director shows John and the team. The amateur boxing program is in the basement, and the boxing bags often swing wildly on their own.  The sparring bells and lights are also said to go off by themselves.

Brian sets up a thermal still camera that will snap pictures whenever it picks up a heat signature.  A while later, the camera starts snapping away and captures an image of a boxer.  In the basement, Jess and Jason have doors slam and alarm bells ring during their EVP session.  Research reveals a boxer named Tex actually died suspiciously in the building following a match in the1940s. That could explain a lot!

On night two of the investigation the crew finds an old bottle and other items under the boxing ring.  An antiques expert tells them the bottle helped epileptics control seizures.  Later, Aimee finds out that Tex actually died of epilepsy! John removes the items and the paranormal activity decreases in the center. 

Next, the team heads to Joplin, Missouri, where the Wilson family claims to have experienced beds shaking, people choking, pushing and the sighting of eerie shadow forms. Keep in mind, this town was destroyed by a 2011 hurricane where many were killed and likely some dormant spirits have been stirred up.

There is a mirror in the hallway that- whenever it appears in pictures- has different shapes and lines appearing in it.   Because the investigation is so intense, John brings in psychic Chip Coffey to help out.  Chip picked up a lot of energy in the same places that the paranormal activity was reported.

During an EVP session on night one of the investigation the team records a voice saying "yes" when asked, "Were you affected by the tornado?"  Brian and Chris pick up strange movement and a voice on the staircase.  The voice says, "Let go".  

John visits a local author who has been researching the area after the tornado.  She says that many first responders have reported paranormal activity in their homes- even though they live out of the tornado zone.  Since Bob Wilson was active in the rescue, could a spirit have followed him?

During the second night of the investigation, the mirror shows the same lines as the family had reported, but also the number 22!  John believes that was the date of the tornado, and the spirits that stayed with Bob are trying to get him to move on from the guilt and sadness he feels from that event.  John believes that the mirror needs to stay in the house so that Bob can begin to heal.

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