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Lakeside Terror/Pythian Secrets
Season 3 - Episode 9
Lakeside Terror/Pythian Secrets
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Two mysterious locations, complete with throat slashings and haunted cemeteries! 

First, it's the Lake Norfork Inn in Henderson, Arkansas.  Owner Pat Garey reports escalating paranormal activity that's causing guests to check out early and the staff is on edge.  Claims include several different apparitions such as a little girl that has been seen and heard singing in the atrium area and a woman in white who frightened a family so badly they checked out of room 202 in the middle of the night.   People are being tripped and pushed on stairs in the club room.

This is not good for business, to say the least.

Backstory:  Lake Norfolk was built by the army corps of engineers.  To do so, they had to relocate many families and eliminate entire towns.  That could cause haunts, not to mention all that water could be a conductor for spirits

The first night of the investigation John focuses on the staircase where the activity is occurring.  They pick up a voice saying, "Sing to me" on the recorder!  Jason and Jesslyn follow a laughing sound to a closet in which they find…a prosthetic leg.  Huh?  In the Club, Chris finds and old freezer that has an antique horse-watering trough that was probably from a farm that was razed for the lake. 

On the second night the team finds a flask and a ring. An antiques dealer dates them from the 1920s.  Jason and Jesslyn also learn that generations of the Maynard family were buried in a cemetery that was located right in front of the hotel until the lake was built.  Moving those remains may have released some of that negative energy.

The next night the team finds a flask with the initials BM, and a ring.  An antiques dealer says they are from the 1920s.  John takes the items to his museum, and Pat reports that the activity has ceased in her inn.  Business is now at an all time high.  Hooray!

Next the team heads to Springfield, Missouri, where Pythian Castle owner Tamara Finocchiaro is looking for help with her increasing paranormal activity.  Yes, it's a castle.  It was built by a secret fraternal society, but those guys were kicked out by the military who used the castle as a social house for soldiers.  And they hid German P.O.W.'s in prison cells in the basement, which might be worth noting. 

Tamara has seen- and even BUMPED into- a shadow figure.  People have been touched and feel like they're being followed.  John notes that Tamara's Zulu spear; antique perfume bottles and tools might need a closer look.

During the investigation, however, none of those objects display any signs of hauntings.  Yet, the team unravels a German heritage story relating to the building.  A man named William was one of the Pythian elders who were going to lose his home when the military took over the castle.  He killed himself in the building.  And he was from Germany. 

Brian finds a German medallion in the wall that was meant to be a reward for loyal soldiers during the Franco-Prussian war.  Obviously, William needs to be recognized for his service and his position in the castle before his spirit can move on.

Tamara agrees to display the medallion with William's death certificate.   She later reports that there is no more paranormal activity in the castle.  Guten Nacht!

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