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Black Angel/Arizona Domes
Season 2 - Episode 6
Black Angel/Arizona Domes
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Devin and Jael head to Iowa City, where rumors of a statue of a black angel in a graveyard creating shimmering energy waves of energy and balls of light suffuse the town. Interviews confirm that a hefty portion of the population is afraid of the statue, saying that those who touch it become seriously ill afterwards. One man, Isaiah, saw what he describes as a dark heat wave that led right to the statue. When the investigators reach the statue, their EMF reader goes crazy, and the two copper dowsing wires they brought zigzag as if of their own accord. A thermal hit appears immediately on the statue, but quickly disappears.

Devin sees a flash of light in the distance and, after setting up a laser perimeter around the statue, goes after it. One of their alarms goes off and Jael goes to investigate it while Devin pursues a new heat signature they picked up, a glowing ball that soon dissolves into the treeline. Jael joins Devin to do an EVP session where they last saw the heat signature, and in response to one of their questions, they hear a cough.

The following day, they speak to historian Larry Baker, who alerts them to the former site of the Old Pest House, just adjacent to the cemetery of the Black Angel. When it stood, housed people with tuberculosis and smallpox. His studies suggest that there are dozens of unmarked graves somewhere near that building, and he would love it if Jael and Devin could find them.

They roam the woods that night and find the remnants of the foundation of the Pest House. Using a ground-penetrating radar, or GPR, they locate a series of anomalies in the ground - bumps that could be bodies. Jael does an EVP on the spot where they think the unmarked graves lie while Devin boots up the FLIR looking for heat signatures elsewhere. Again, he sees a globe of light and follows it, soon telling Jael to come join him. He's far away and she must follow his green flashlight to locate him, but as she goes farther into the woods, she hears his voice getting fainter and realizes that the light she's been following is not Devin's light.

The following morning, they find much support of paranormal activity in their recordings, but they doubt the Black Angel is responsible - it's more likely overflow from the Pest House.

Jack and Dana are in Casa Grande, Arizona, near the site where Native American peoples disappeared, with no clear evidence of how that happened. Some say that human sacrifices were made in that area, and that is why people visiting the nearby buildings known as The Domes claim they're haunted. Witnesses have reported shadow figures, disembodied voices, and thrown rocks, and any business that's tried to set up shop in that area has failed. When the duo arrive on site, they see that the shape of the domes, combined with the material used to build them, creates a wicked echo effect, and the eerie sound could be responsible for feelings of paranormal activity.

They set up laser trip wires and IR cameras all over, and when a noise sounds nearby, Dana mans the IR monitors while Jack heads out with the FLIR. The IR cameras act up and when Dana goes to check on them, sees that they've been fully unplugged, but no trip wires were set off. They split up and do EVPs in each dome, but are interrupted when one of the trip wire alarms sounds. Dana runs to turn it off, and Jack picks up a FLIR image of a humanoid figure standing very near her and tells her to get out of there! They meet at base camp and swap out - she mans the cameras while Jack goes looking for the shadow figure.

What he finds, instead, is a constructed hole in the ground with enough space for a person to be living in. When Dana joins him, he goes in and finds a sleeping bag and much evidence of someone living there. They feel confident in assessing the Domes as not haunted, but rather inhabited by transients. This is a simple explanation for why people might hear mysterious voices, see shadow figures, and even have bits of rock thrown their way - those observers were merely trespassers on someone's home turf.

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