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Bear Lake Beast/Vergas Hairy Man
Season 1 - Episode 1
Bear Lake Beast/Vergas Hairy Man

In the premiere episode of the chronicles of investigators inspired to find the truth, we meet Jack and Dana as they head to Bear Lake, Utah in search of the Bear Lake Beast. This serpentine monster is sighted mostly in the water, but has been said to come onto land to feed...mostly on children.

Jack and Dana speak to residents about the legend, and one eyewitness, who claims he saw a bluish-green monster about a foot-and-a-half around, even lends them his boat so they can fully pursue their investigation. Jack heads out in the boat, equipped with a sonar scanner, while Dana mans the cameras on shore. Although Jack, at one point, picks up a massive, slug-like shape on the sonar, neither investigator can see anything with the naked eye.

The next day, they speak to Bryce Nielson, a marine biologist who studies Bear Lake, who directs them to the east shore where a bevy of caves could provide cover for the beast. He warns them of the danger of diving in the murky lake, and wishes them the best.

Night falls, and Dana stays in the boat while Jack dives to the caves, about 70 feet. He explores farther and farther away from the boat, and Dana picks up a strange image on the sonar, but Jack is too far away to confirm what the shape might be. Dana urges him back to the boat, but contact is lost, and Dana waits 10 excruciating minutes before Jack finally resurfaces. He holds what looks to be a rib bone from a large animal.

In the warming light of day, they review the evidence and find that the bone was probably from a horse or cow, but whether the animal wandered in to the water of its own accord or was dragged in by a predator is unclear. The bone, the sonar hit, and a strange crescent appearing on the thermal camera, as of a serpent cresting the water, all point to something strange, but no clear conclusion can be drawn.

Investigators Devin and Jael land in Vergas, Minnesota, really a blip on the map, to gather information on a new twist on the Sasquatch legend called the Hairy Man. This cryptid is said to be 7 feet tall, aggressive, and accompanied by a pungent, musky odor. When Devin inquires of a local reporter whether it could be a tall human hoaxing the town, the reporter replies that if a seven foot man were anywhere near this tiny hamlet, everyone would know about him.

A local eyewitness, whose snowmobile noise reportedly drove the Hairy Man to chase her and her cousin, directs Devin and Jael to a Hairy Man hot spot, where they set up cameras for a full night investigation. Devin mans the equipment at the top of a hill, intermittently playing a recording of a snowmobile's engine, while Jael takes a FLIR camera and investigates the nearby woods.

When Jael picks up a distinctly humanoid shape on the FLIR, she calls Devin to her position. The two notice a heavy odor, and see a freshly cracked branch with a long, light hair stuck on the bark.

After speaking to a professor who agrees that the shape on the FLIR footage could be humanoid and suggests that the hair is human, Devin and Jael concur that they don't have any concrete evidence of a cryptid. A local enthusiast, aware that two out-of-town investigators were near, could just as well have set up certain signs to make them think they were tracking the Hairy Man when the signs were, in fact, mere representations.

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