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Darkman of Standing Rock/Blackstar Shadow Man
Season 1 - Episode 2
Darkman of Standing Rock/Blackstar Shadow Man
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The locals of the small community and reservation near Standing Rock, North Dakota tell of a figure wearing a long coat and strange hat who appears to people who are weak and vulnerable. Jael and Devin comb through the town's residents, looking for someone who'll speak about this legend, but though they confirm its existence, no one utters a word. Finally, they meet a man named Delyle who tells them that the Darkman, also known as the Tall Man, Death Angel, or even Devil, is seen floating instead of walking, and can move as fast as a car. Soon after this figure appears, goes the legend, the witness or a member of their family will die.

Delyle tells them that Darkman is often sighted on Grey Ghost Butte, so Jael and Devin drive their car across rocky terrain to set up camp for the night. They walk away from each other, past walkie range, and agree to mutter the Lakota Sioux word for "spirit," as Delyle has instructed. Jael sees something in the distance and shoots her flare gun, at which sight Devin comes running, arriving just in time to see what seem to be a pair of red eyes in the distance.

The next day, they show footage of the eyes to Delyle and his relative, a Lakota Sioux elder, who both confirm that the Darkman has been seen in this way. Devin and Jael know they must look further, and Delyle offers them his horses so that they can reach Crow Hill, a journey that will take almost a full day on horseback. Per Delyle's suggestion, they light a fire, and when the horses get spooked, they notice that their fire has been snuffed out. The horses, who were tied down, run off, leaving the two stranded. They have no choice but to walk back to town in pitch blackness.

Reviewing the thermal camera footage, they see what appears to be a tall, ragged, humanoid shadow appear before the fire just in the instant that it was snuffed out. Though it's not hard evidence, they can't deny the goose bumps on their skin.

Jack and Dana are investigating a similar case in California: The Shadowmen are believed to be the ghosts of massacred Native Americans that haunt Black Star Canyon, and some people believe that they're responsible for the many disappearances of hikers there. They only appear in your peripheral vision, and if you turn your head, they disappear.

The duo get inside information on a Shadowman hotspot, and learn that the best way to tempt them to appear is to sit, blindfolded, under an oak tree – and wait. Dana reluctantly dons the blindfold while Jack sets up a camera that has no blind spot - no peripheral vision. Dana feels things brush her skin and jumps up screaming. As Jack comes running, a branch falls in his path, nearly hitting him. The two gather their gear and hike out.

The next morning, they see a shadowy figure move all the way across Jack's four panoramic cameras at the exact moment that Dana felt something graze her skin. Dana is clearly shaken, though glad that she's not insane, but they can't say for sure that the shadow wasn't just caused by an animal. The mystery is far from solved.

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