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Utah Skinwalker/Ozark Howler
Season 1 - Episode 3
Utah Skinwalker/Ozark Howler
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Jack and Dana setout in Fort Duchesne, UT in search of a shapeshifting being called the Skinwalker. According to one local expert, there’s no need to hunt for the Skinwalker - they can read minds, and will find you. Another local witness and author, however, tells them to draw a circle around their camp, with hand-drawn arrows pointing inwards.

In an area called the Devil’s soup bowl, they do just that. Dana heads out on the hunt while Jack mans base camp, but sounds draw Dana further afield until Jack must join her. They follow huge, bare, human footprints all the way to a river, where the footprints stop. They wade into the icy water and on the other side, discover paw prints as of a dog. There’s no trace of a creature, however, so they pack up and head out.

The next day, after receiving a blessing from a Native American Skinwalker expert, they find their way to a sighting hot spot where a collection of bones, still warm from the kill, are scattered about. When Jack’s EMF starts going off, they launch a drone into the air to get a longer survey sense. They spot a heat signature in the distance, and Dana heads toward it.

Jack directs her north, but when Dana hears howling coming from the south, both investigators are confounded. On the monitor attached to the drone’s camera, they see the heat signature split into three animals, but they have no idea what they are.

Jack asks biologist Grey Stafford to analyze the footage, and he tells them that, while it’s impossible to identify, he’d say that it was some group of hunting animals that got spooked by the presence of humans. Jack and Dana were hoping for a concrete answer, but their experiences certainly affected them.

Jael and Devin are in the heartland investigating the tale of the Ozark Howler, also called the Devil Cat, a creature with jet black fur and a cry that ‘s half scream, half growl, all terrifying. The mayor of the town, along with a local police officer, give them the details, and they head into the woods.

Jael sets up the cameras while Devin lays the bait: a raw pork chop with a GPS tracker tucked inside. Even if they don’t see the predator take the bait, they’ll be able to find it later.
Not long after exploring the woods near base camp, they hear a chilling howl. Devin checks the GPS tracker location and they discover it’s been pulled away from base camp. They follow the signal and discover the device, mangled by sharp teeth. They check the camera footage, hoping to see what grabbed the bait, but whatever it was knocked the camera over before it pounced on the meat.

No hard evidence was gathered, but Devin and Jael can’t shake the feeling that they were being stalked all night long.

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