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El Dorado Hell Hounds/Georgia Skinstealer
Season 1 - Episode 4
El Dorado Hell Hounds/Georgia Skinstealer
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If razor-fanged, horse-high dogs do exist near the abandoned mines near El Dorado Canyon in Nevada, Jack and Dana are going to find them. After gleaning pointers from the locals, they do a night investigation in the canyon, and it's not long before they hear a strange growling. They split up to cover more ground, and Jack catches a strange, canine shape loping toward Dana on the thermal camera. She has her headphones attached to the parabolic microphone and can't hear his warning, so he races down the hill to clear her to safety.

The next day, they speak to a local expert who tells them that one way to summon the hounds is to rattle a chain, almost like a master calling its dog. He directs them to Knob Hill mine, which is so deep that they decide it's best explored not on foot, but rather with an RC car with a camera attachment. When the car malfunctions, however, they have to go after it. They leave a lamp on a boulder to light their way back, and once deep enough underground, they rattle the chains and conduct an EVP session, then decide to head back. But where is their lamp? A review of the footage shows that it was knocked over by an unseen force.

The next day, a biologist reviews the thermal footage and says that the shape on the thermal could easily have been a coyote. If not for the strange happening with the lamp - which was synchronous with a growling noise in their EVP - they would've closed the case, but in light of these happenings, they have to say their study was inconclusive.

Jael and Devin head to Savannah, GA and begin asking experts there about a demonic entity called a skin stealer. Reports of this entity began among the Shango, the enslaved people brought from Africa, and persists across the region today. The skin stealer is said to visit people in their sleep and steal their soul, thus inhabiting, partly, their body.

The swamps are the local hotspot, so they rent a boat and head to the center of it. After an uneventful EVP session, Jael decides to dive in to the danger zone. She and Devin set up a tent and Jael sets herself out as sleeping bait while Devin keeps watch over her. After a few hours, a cold spot shows up on the tent via the thermal cam, and a bit later, Jael's heartbeat starts racing. Devin supposes she's having a bad dream, but he can't account for why her left arm seems to be moving as if lifted. Not long after that, Jael wakes up screaming, and though she didn't see anything, she's extremely disoriented.

The two decide they can't conclude anything concrete from the investigation, but they both know that something was not natural about their night in the swamp.

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