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Louisiana Swamp Woman/Pioneer Cemetery
Season 1 - Episode 5
Louisiana Swamp Woman/Pioneer Cemetery
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Devin and Jael have a lot of ground to cover this week. Their first stop is in Louisiana, near a man-made lake very close to the site of a massacre of the Natchez tribe by the French hundreds of years ago. A woman, possibly the sole survivor of the massacre, is said to be heard screaming, a hypnotic scream that draws the hearer into the water where, according to local legend, her ghost drowns them.

After speaking to a witness, and then a local historian, the investigators head to the Swamp Woman hot spot, and the only way to get there is in a tiny rowboat. Once on dry land again, they begin sweeping the area, and it's not long before they hear a piercing scream. They split up to better track its source, Devin bringing the parabolic mic and Jael bringing the thermal camera. Devin follows the sound onto a log reaching into the water where he slips and almost loses his equipment. Jael notices a shadow moving across the frame of a camera trained on Devin, but it could've been caused by any number of things.

Jael's thermal picks up a cold spot, which disappears, then reappears in the middle of the lake. They give chase, it disappears again, and reappears again on the shore. It's nearly dawn and they decide to pack up and attempt to make sense of the footage.

They can't think of any animal that would make a screech like the one they heard, and the cold spot on the thermal is too eerie to deny. Though no definitive conclusion is clear, they believe the Swamp Woman is more than a legend.

Their work brings them to Coloma, CA next, where the ghost of a woman in magenta has been seen beckoning to passersby in Pioneer Cemetery. They meet with a local investigator who has an EVP recording from the cemetery of a young boy speaking about his own tombstone. Jael sets up an EVP session at the spot where the woman has been seen, and Devin goes to the high hill where two horse thieves were hanged in the days of the Gold Rush.

Jael sets out a ball in hopes that the spirit of the child will take it as an invitation to play, and accompanies it with a wind ornament to monitor any breeze that might be passing through. Her EVP is interrupted, however, by a shout from Devin. In order to provoke the spirits into communication, he hung a noose from a nearby branch (but did not secure the end, to ensure his own safety), then placed his head through it. In the midst of his EVP, the rope became hot and he called to Jael to come quickly. Her thermal shows that the rope is, indeed hotter around the noose than anywhere else.

Also disturbing is the footage showing the ball moving while the ornament stayed completely still, and a response in Jael's EVP session that sounds exactly like a child giggling. The duo conclude that Pioneer Cemetery is haunted.

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