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Silver City Ghost Town/Shunka Warakin
Season 1 - Episode 6
Silver City Ghost Town/Shunka Warakin
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In the silver rush days, some Idaho roads were impassible in the middle of winter due to snow, and Silver City is a town where that often holds true to this day. Jael and Devin check out the Masonic Lodge and a famed hotel in search of paranormal activity heavily reported in the area. 

As they explore the hotel, they notice stairs leading to a basement, and, following strange sounds, discover another room under the building that houses a mine shaft. Using extreme caution, they slink into the mine shaft with limited equipment to discover a sound similar to a man laughing. They're not the only ones in the shaft: when a bat screeches across their path, they decide it's time to explore other areas.

Jael heads to the Lodge and Devin stays in the hotel, centering his investigation on a room where a Civil War surgeon breathed his last. As he explores the room, he hears a slow creak, then a slam, and notices that a wall lantern, on a hinge, has moved from a centered position to flush against the wall. He's intent on finding out what made it move when he hears a panicked scream from Jael via walkie. He runs, full speed, to the Lodge, where Jael is trapped in a small compartment known as the Isolation Chamber.

The Chamber was part of the Masonic tradition and is said to be a center of paranormal activity in that building. As Jael conducted an EVP session, the door to the chamber slammed shut, and only with supreme effort was Devin able to pry it open. 

After reviewing the EVP, it sounds as if the following can be heard:Jael: "Do you want me to leave?"Unknown voice: "Never leave."At which point, the door came undone from its latch, trapping Jael inside.

Considering this and other unexplained phenomena, the pair conclude that Silver City, ID is haunted.

An entirely different case waits for them in Ennis, Montana, where locals say they've seen a beast, perhaps part wolf, perhaps part horse, loping through the countryside. The creature, called the shunka warakin, is said to shred livestock to bits, but not eat them.

A local directs them to Beverhead National Forest, near where she said she saw the shunka warakin. The team brings in a goat for bait and sets up a strong cage around it so that it won't be harmed, should the shunka warakin appear. An animal cry pierces the night and they follow the noise, finding blood and large paw prints as they do. The goat's bleating brings them back to their central site, and the FLIR picks up a large, canine shape in the distance. 

Attaching a camera to an RC car, they get closer footage of the shape and discover it's nothing more than a wild dog. All evidence points to normal, natural explanations for this legend, and they close the case on the shunka warakin.

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