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Manchac Swamp/Moonville Tunnel
Season 2 - Episode 2
Manchac Swamp/Moonville Tunnel
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Jack and Dana make their way to the bayous of rural Louisiana - to Manchac Swamp, specifically - where the ghost of a woman named Julia Brown is said to wander. Local legend goes that Julia sang a ballad about dying, and everyone dying with her. On the day she died, a massive hurricane was headed toward her small town, and when it hit land, it killed everyone there. Now, locals say they see a woman in white wandering through the bayou, and can hear sounds similar to a woman wailing or singing. Locals confirm the story with experiences of their own, and direct the adventurous duo to the shack where the woman in white has been reported to appear.

Soon after they set up their equipment, the motion detector alarm sounds. They review footage and see a white mist rising from the water - a mist solid enough to trip a motion detector, apparently. Next, they see a strange light on the water and hop in the boat to check it out. They find a fellow boater, out late at night. When he hears they're investigating Julia Brown, he shares his own story of being followed by a full-bodied apparition before directing them to the graveyard where the hurricane victims are buried. He notes that it was weeks before anyone was able to make it out to where the town once stood, so the burial was more of a shuffling of dirt onto decaying bodies than a proper ceremony. He laughs at their plan to spend the night at the cemetery and heads back down the river.

Once they reach the grave site, they set up a camera on a rotating, 360 degree head, and another toggling back and forth on a zip line. They soon hear a wailing or singing that sounds like it's coming from the far side of the water, so Jack hops in the boat to check it out. Dana searches the gravesite and sees a strong shadow fall across the scene. She radios for Jack, who tries to get there quickly, but the engine of the boat dies in the middle of the river. When he finally reaches the shore, they review footage and see a strange image in one of the trees. Could it be the ghost of one of the people that were tossed into the branches by the hurricane, only to die there?

Dana raises the possibility that Julia was a vodou priestess and suggests a seance, but Jack insists on calling it an EVP session with candles as the trigger. When they begin asking Julia questions - did she cause the hurricane? Did she kill the entire town? - the EMF meter spikes, and all the candles go out at once. It could've been a gust of wind, except there was no wind.

The next day, they review the audio footage from the EVP session and think they hear the phrase "Take you" in response to one of their questions about the hurricane. They share this with Jael and Devin via Skype, and though they're slightly skeptical, they agree that the mist, the wailing, the candles, and the audio clip, all point to haunting. They tell their friends to be safe on their next investigation as they, themselves get cracking on a major ghost story in Ohio.

Devin and Jael are checking out Ohio's Moonville Tunnel, the former site of a train that carried coal from the mining town and kept the city prosperous. According to one historian - who shows them footage of an apparition at the end of the tunnel - roughly 26 people died in or near the tunnel. One of them was Baldy Keaton, who is said to throw large rocks off of the top of the tunnel onto onlookers below. When Jael and Devin follow up at a local diner, many of the patrons have stories to tell of phantom lights or phantom smells.

The first thing they do upon arriving at the tunnel is an EVP session with train sounds as a trigger. They see a light go on, then click off. A rock falls from the top of the tunnel and Devin runs to investigate. He climbs the crumbling steps leading to the ridge above the tunnel and feels something strong push him away.

This is a ton of activity, but they decide to leave some equipment rolling and head to the nearby cemetery. They see a light nearby, but when they follow it, it disappears. Returning to the tunnel, they set up an EVP with flashlights as a trigger since so many lights have been at play in this area. They both smell something overpoweringly sweet, and ask if there is a spirit present who is making that smell - and both the lights shut of. They seem to be getting one blink for "yes," so they push onward in hopes of deepening the connection with the spirit.

As they review the footage the following day, they hear a clear word - something like "murder" - in the EVP in the tunnel, when they were trying to contact Baldy Keaton. They also see a shadow pass across the frame of two separate cameras, from two different angles. They call their counterparts, and they agree that Moonville Tunnel is not just a place where kids go to freak themselves out - it's a true paranormal hot spot.

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