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Beast of Bray Road/Tonopah Mine
Season 2 - Episode 3
Beast of Bray Road/Tonopah Mine
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Jael and Devin are beast hunting - locals say there's a werewolf-like creature that roams the woods near Elkhorn, WI, known as the Beast of Bray Road. After some searching, they find an eye witness, a woman who says the beast - an eight-foot, canine, orange furred creature - knocked the car she was in nearly a foot forward into a snowbank before bounding away into the distance. She cautions Jael and Devin to be aware of odd smells, as this beast carries the stench of something rotting with him. The duo head into the woods where the woman says she had the encounter, and quickly realize why a beast would make its lair here - it's nearly impassible to humans. They set up cameras along their path as they go deeper into the woods. Devin follows a set of tracks while Jael follows a scent of something rotting. The motion sensor alarm sounds and they run towards it. In the darkness, smash! The run straight into each other, knocking the other down. They return to where the motion sensor was tripped and find that the bait - a huge chunk of meat - is untouched, but the camera is knocked clean over.

The following day, they speak to Linda Godfrey, a local historian who tells them she's collected between 100 and 200 eyewitness accounts. She reviews photos the pair took of tracks in the snow, but tells them they're not beast tracks - those have three front pads with long claws, and one heel pad. She points them to a more active spot and tells them to stick close to deer trails and bodies of water - the beast's most common commodities.

After a few hours of what feels like cat and mouse, the partners decide that this thing definitely doesn't want to be seen. They set up some simple camo tents and wait for it to stumble upon them, but their plan might be too good - something is circling Jael's tent, and Devin is too far away to do anything. Suddenly, Jael screams! Something is too close for comfort. Devin comes running, but the thing is gone. They follow tracks as long as they can, but the tracks get lost. Without another lead, they decide to send up the RC helicopter for a broader view and see two shapes moving right by the shore of the lake - and then disappear. They're at a loss for what to do, but since the sun is rising soon, they pack up to review the footage. Although they certainly have some intriguing footage, there's nothing conclusive in their data or anywhere else. The locals have seen something, but without firmer evidence, they can't say it was a beast.

Jack and Dana are in what feels like the coldest place on Earth: Tonopah, NV. In the early 1900s, a huge fire broke out in a gold mine, killing 17 people. A strong townsman, Big Bill Murphy, managed to rescue many of the miners from the fire, but as he was dragging men out, his clothes were caught on a hook and he was cut in half by falling machinery. And this is not the only gruesomeness on site: Bloody Babs, a prostitute and murderer, pistol whipped a woman to death in her cabin just near the mine. According to Heather Ingall, who runs the operations of the mine-turned-road trip attraction, her last words were, "Good people always think they're so right."

Soon it's time to start the investigation, and it's not long before Dana hears a clanging noise, as Heather said she would through the night. They follow the sound and realize they must be almost exactly where Big Bill died saving those men. Jack has rigged together a walkie and a camera on a long piece of fishing wire, and he lowers this down into the mine below Bill's spot. They think they hear a noise like a pickaxe striking minerals just before the camera cuts out.

They split up to cover more ground, with Dana going to Chez Babs and Jack trying to see what he can through the mine. Dana conducts an EVP with Babs, but when Jack's walkie invention buzzes, Dana runs to Jack with the good news. At that very moment, Jack is trying to contact Bill via EVP when he hears a loud clang, and the walkie snaps off of the wired hybrid device.

Jack and Dana know they have plenty to review, so they conclude the investigation. In addition to their own, creepy personal experiences, they can't ignore some of the footage they got. In one moment on his camera, Jack panned to his right, revealing three humanoid figures, but when he pans there a second later, they're gone. There's also a choice clip from Jack's EVP, wherein he asked a direct question and got the aforementioned clang in return. When he asked if the spirit there was the one who saved all those people, the audio recorder picked up a "...naw".

This combination of phenomena convinces Jack and Dana that the mine at Tonopah is, in fact, haunted.

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