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Shades of Death/Bridge of Doom
Season 2 - Episode 5
Shades of Death/Bridge of Doom
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There's a spot in the midwest that must be cursed - six bridges have been built there, and all but the most recent have collapsed. Devin and Jael speak to a local man whose grandfather was one of the first people on the scene after the first collapse over a hundred years ago, and saw the carnage and wreckage of the train that went careening into the chasm. He's also the sexton of the cemetery where both the mass grave of the passengers and the mausoleum of Charles Collins, responsible for building the bridge, lie. He says he's had many times in that cemetery when he's heard children playing, a woman crying, and felt something solid press against his back, all when nothing was really there.

Jael and Devin head to the bridge first, and it isn't long before Devin picks up the image of a full-bodied apparition on the thermal. He follows it into the woods while Jael stays at the foot of the bridge to do an EVP, which is cut short when she hears a sound as if the bridge is about to crumble and fall on her - a common report for this spot. Devin also does an EVP after he loses sight of the apparition, and immediately feels the temperature drop. When he brings the audio recorder back to Jael, they hear a response to Devin's question, "Are you angry you died?" Clearly, someone or something says, "Collins." They realize they have to go check out the cemetery.

Devin tries a new piece of gear called a voice box. It picks up energetic frequencies and translates them into words. They set it on the ground and begin an EVP, and the voice box starts squawking. Is it saying "Mary"? They try to speak to Mary, but the word becomes clearer - it's "Murder". It repeats this word over and over, but it's interrupted when they see a shadow figure that leads them to Collins's mausoleum. They place a camera and audio recorder in a small crevasse inside the tomb, but a loud noise draws them back to base camp, where they see all of their gear in disarray. If that isn't a sign to pack up and review evidence, we don't know what is.

The next day, they consult with Jack and Dana about the voice box, the EVP catches, and their own personal experiences. They decide that the bridge of doom and Chestnut Grove Cemetery are definitely haunted.

There's something about a road with the name "Shades of Death" that just sounds...ominous. And while that might keep some people away, it has the opposite effect on Jack and Dana. They head to the spot in New Jersey where the Lenape people are said to have been massacred by the Dutch, resulting in an overwhelm of paranormal activity. They speak to a couple of locals who say they've seen heavy mists moving quickly towards them, and then consult a local expert, who tells them that it's not just Shades of Death Road that has freaky stuff happening, it's also Jenny Jump State Park (so named for a girl who allegedly jumped to her death to evade capture by the local tribe) and Ghost Lake (so named for...well, you get the picture).

Night falls. They strap their cameras to the outside of the car and troll for ghosts along the road. There's this one spot in the road where three of their cameras blink out, and they get a flat tire. Nothing's certain to be paranormal yet, but Dana does an EVP at the hotspot while Jack changes the tire. Dana thinks she sees a humanoid figure by a tree, but when she goes back to check, it's gone. She and Jack think they see it further off and so they follow it, going as deep into the woods as Ghost Lake. At that point, they split up to cover more ground - Jack stays at the lake while Dana goes to a cave known for experiences of unexplained sounds. She sits down to do an EVP, and uses some of the Lenape words she learned in preparation for this investigation. At the utterance of those words, she hears a loud rumbling and sees something at the back of the cave.

Jack has the thermal camera pointed at the lake, and though he can't see any mist with the naked eye, the camera picks up two dark columns on the water. This is in line with local legends of the spirits of the slaughtered natives rising out of the water in the form of mist.

The following morning, they review the evidence. Although some of it could be explained scientifically, much of what they recorded points to the paranormal, and Jack deems Shades of Death Road to be haunted.

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