Woodford Academy

The spirit world knows no bounds, and world-renowned paranormal investigator Robb Demarest is determined to explore it entirely ... in Australia! He and his team of paranormal experts journey to the time-worn -- and, indeed, perhaps haunted -- Woodford Academy for Boys, tucked away in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

Woodford was once a gentleman's boardinghouse, saloon and sanitarium all in one (some education you could get there!). The place is said to be stalked by the Woodford Dismal Dozen (six nice spirits, and six not so nice), a motley crew of shades that all date back to one particularly sordid death in 1835: Mary James, wife of broke bootlegger William James, was found hung from a tree on the estate. Mr. James was tried for murder and acquitted before he took off and left The White Lady, as she would come to be known, lurking in the garden. Was her death suicide? Or is foul play to blame for all the alleged hauntings? Robb and his squad are resolved to find out.

Having set up a surveillance deck in the building, the team's multitalented psychic exorcist Ian Lawman takes the plunge first and investigates a bathroom that reeks of some overpowering energy. Turns out someone had committed suicide there, and Ian can feel the faint tugging of a makeshift noose around his neck.

Meanwhile, medium clairvoyant Rayleen is drawn to a hotbed of sad otherworldly energies in the attic. There she senses the presence of a little girl, most likely the mentally unstable daughter of the authoritarian founder of the boarding school. Her family would lock her up in the attic to keep her out of the public eye (and that was how they rewarded her!).

But what's a haunted piece of property without a haunted swath of land to go with it? Out in the garden where Mary's ghost has reportedly been sighted, paranormal investigator Ray Jorden and metaphysicist Gaurav Jivvari use a collection of hi-tech gadgets to capture sights and sounds undetectable by human eyes and ears. After spotting something curious on their full-spectrum still camera, the two return inside to examine it. They notice a hazy image of what could be Mary's figure, and if that's indeed the case, she's looking deader than ever.

Robb, a former schoolteacher himself, and Rayleen, now returned from the attic, investigate the classroom, where they're taunted by the mischievous spirit of a young schoolboy named Johnny. Not long after they leave that room, some unknown entity triggers the fire alarm (which had been deactivated before filming!). Was it Johnny who pulled the alarm? Will he be punished, or is the afterlife just one long detention session in and of itself?

Up in the attic bedroom, Robb sets a number of energy-detecting booby traps around the floor and on the dresser ... and puts Ray in the bed as bait. Though obviously nervous, Ray does seem like he's enjoying the breather a bit. In another bedroom, Gaurav and Ian have some luck communicating with a female spirit who speaks exclusively in knocks but ultimately cut short the session when she declines their offer to help.

Ray's stay-cation doesn't last long, and after being thoroughly spooked by some unnerving presence, he escapes from the attic to find safer quarters. Rayleen takes his place in the hopes that she can again make contact with the tortured little girl ... and lasts about ten seconds. In the Academy courtyard, she frantically claims the apparition of a man chased her out of the room, so shaken that Gaurav must use his exorcist training to calm her down.

Once Rayleen regains composure, she and Gaurav return to the attic to tend to their own unfinished business. Gaurav uses the ancient art of smudging –- burning and cutting the air with a bundle of herbs –- as well as a beautifully sung universal chant to assure the spirits there they can leave. As paranormal investigator Allen Tiller tells us, lingering dark energy means these spirits suffered terrible pain in life, and they need encouragement to move on.

After closing their investigation and before reviewing the evidence they gathered, the team enjoys a gorgeous Segway tour of the Blue Mountains that not only takes their breath away but sends Garauv to the hospital after he tumbles off his two-wheeler. Once released, Gaurav joins the rest of the group to examine their findings: what sticks out the most is a sound file Ray captured with the word “Pain” clearly spoken by one of the Academy's many victims.

The team is in agreement that Woodford Academy is definitely haunted!