Old Geelong Gaol

This week the team gets locked up in Australia's Old Geelong Jail, the notorious home to the spirits of some of the country's most extreme convicts. In the nearly 150 years Geelong was open, it was home to five executions, over 500 confirmed deaths (many of those murders) and a whole lot of bad juju.

Ian and Rayleen are first to explore the storied halls, while the crutches-bound Gaurav and Ray monitor them from Surveillance Central. Almost immediately, Ian gets queasy and feels a presence stalking him, though he plucks up the courage to enter the cell of one of Geelong's most violent inmates, Percy Ramage, who attempted suicide by cutting his own throat. His attempt was painfully unsuccessful.

Investigating another cell, Rayleen puts herself at especial risk, as the spirits of Geelong are reportedly very aggressive towards females. Women ghost tour guides have complained of scratching and even groping by unseen agents; our medium encounters this kind of molestation, and feels a ghost sift through her hair. She does not take it as a compliment.

Next, Ian is drawn to the prison's showers, where much more than thorough scrubbings took place -- in fact, death by shiv was a popular pastime during bathing hours. Ian channels one such brutal murder, perpetrated by a con named Jimmy, and can feel the shank pierce his kidneys. He does not stay long enough to test the water pressure.

In the kitchen, a spirit that goes by the name of James takes advantage of Rayleen – is he possibly related to the 'Jimmy' that stabbed Ian in the back? Before James gets too clingy, Rayleen rushes out of the confines where she cleanses herself of any residual energy. Meanwhile, having returned to Percy's cell and shut the door, Ian gets the fright of his life when a boom shutters through the walls, leaving him temporarily deafened. He quickly skedaddles.

Back at Surveillance Central, Ian finds out that when the bang rang, the crew lost audio connection with him and now the sound guy's equipment is fried, something that's never happened before. In Ian's words, Geelong is "haunted to hell."

As Ian and Ray deal with technical difficulties, the limping Gaurav does what he can and snaps full-spectrum stills of the ground floor. Meanwhile, equipped with a full-spectrum camera, Allen takes Rayleen along to sweep a room near where he had spotted some paranormal activity earlier. There they may have come in contact with the spirit of a young girl, who might've been a ward of the girl's reformatory school housed in one of Geelong's wings. In a separate corridor, the sounds of footsteps and other creaks alert Allen to spiritual stirrings.

Ray and Ian partner up to brave the gallows, where resounding tapping and whispers respond to their requests for communication. The two give the noisemaking spirits the chase, but the ghosts use the jail's purposefully complicated architecture to evade them. Robb then joins the scuffle and they strategize: While Ian attempts to lure the troublemaker into Percy's VIP suite, the much more physically intimidating Robb waits inside to deal with it.

Once in the hole, Robb senses a gigantic figure tower over him, possibly Percy's ghost returned; when Ian takes a crack in the cell, he senses the same thing. Back at Surveillance, Gaurav reviews the footage he captured and both he and Ray are both amazed at what appears to be a full-bodied apparition in one of the stills, possibly the ghost of one of the prison's guards.

Back outside Percy's cell, Robb, while standing guard outside, hears a noise from the opposite end of the gangway; when he turns to get a better look, what seems to be an apparition creeps across the floor. Further analysis will be needed to confirm Robb's suspicions.

And so the team gets underway with the post-mortem. Allen presents his video recordings first: what was intended only as a prank to spook Rayleen actually helped her commune with the spirit of that little girl. At the same time, Allen captured something uttering the echoing word "Spooky" on his electronic voice recognition device. Rayleen also captured a very guttural, seemingly masculine, groan on her device, and Gaurav's snapshot of a full-body apparition appears legitimate. The team leaves thoroughly satisfied ... and thoroughly shaken.