Adelaide Arcade

In an unprecedented investigation, the Haunting: Australia team takes on the Adelaide Arcade, one of the country's oldest shopping centers. Instead of bagging knickknacks and souvenirs, though, they're hoping to nab spiritual evidence of Adelaide's most notorious ghost, Francis Clooney. A security guard in the early days of the arcade, Clooney met a gruesome death one night after falling into a spinning turbine that crushed his head. Countless eyewitness accounts hold that Clooney is still haunting the grounds today ...

Once inside, Ian is drawn to the dry cleaners, a shop which wouldn't be all that interesting if it weren't the spot where Clooney met with his fatal accident. There the psychic channels Clooney's death in horrifying, step-by-step detail. Meanwhile, Rayleen explores the duct system two stories up, where Arcade workers have reported hearing ownerless footsteps. While up there, Rayleen believes to make contact with Clooney but loses communication with Surveillance Central because of poor communication. Or is she suffering from phantom rings?

Back in the dry cleaners, Ian has a vision that rather than falling into the turbine, Clooney was pushed into it by a group of rowdy men. Could Francis have been killed by the same unruly patrons he dismissed from the premises shortly before his death? After sensing some foul play, Rayleen too concludes that Clooney was the victim of murder and not happenstance. Perhaps as if to confirm her feeling, a mysterious sound echoes out from the narrow corridor near the medium and a flash of light beams not too far away from where she's snooping.

Meanwhile, Rob and Allen explore a shop where over a century ago Florence Horton was shot by her jealous husband. Some say she still lingers there, waiting for him to apologize. Allen deploys the heavy artillery to snare the spirit, including a souped-up Electromagnetic Flux Pump (EMF Pump) to jolt the air with energy. Rob has the bright idea to put Allen in the middle of the field as bait for Florence's ghost. All that succeeds in doing is giving Allen a headache, which was Rob's plan all along. Yankee humor at its finest.

Later, while Rob and Allen are investigating the dry cleaning shop in search of Clooney, they hear a knock above their heads and a cold spot by their hands – both of which could be signs of spiritual visitation. Then they pick up what sounds like a disembodied voice screeching from the back of the shop.

To investigate that mysterious flash of light, Gaurav hikes up to the gangway with his full-spectrum camera. His photo shoot is interrupted when he needs to replace his camera batteries that have died ... or been drained by energy-hungry spirits.

Allen and Ian go outside to investigate the alleyway that divides Adelaide Arcade and a neighboring one, the Regent. A three-year-old boy died in the Regent in 1902 under mysterious circumstances. To capture the child's attention, Allen uses a remote-controlled toy car as a trigger object. Even if no spirits present themselves, the paranormal investigator can still do donuts with the gadget in the alley. And though the car doesn't move, Ian thinks he saw a short spirit leap out from behind a bricked-up doorway and run across to the other arcade. Could it be the spirit boy?

Back up in the gangway, Gaurav is having recurring problems with his batteries. In order to determine if a spirit is to blame, he places an EMF Pump on the ground and flips it on. Immediately the device starts detecting activity, which could indicate that the ghost of Francis Clooney was reaching out to the living for help.

Upon reviewing the evidence, Rob and Allen play an EVP recording they captured while in the dry cleaners. When Rob asked if Francis Clooney would shake his hand, a disembodied voice grumbled "No!" Rayleen captured two rather intriguing EVP recordings that sound like "Boo," and "Look." Gaurav pulls up a grainy photograph he took on the second-level balcony that might have caught a smaller spirit lurking behind a column on camera .. but because of the picture's quality, the group cannot say for certain.

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