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North Kapunda Hotel

Next on the Haunting: Australia list is the North Kapunda Hotel, supposedly the country's most haunted pub. The storied bar is situated in the sparsely populated town that happens to be where paranormal investigator Allen Tiller calls home. Will the spirits that lurk in its walls recognize him as a one of their own ... or punish him for associating with a bunch of intrusive tourists?

Ian and Rayleen are first to take the plunge into the pub's ghost-infested rooms. Ian climbs the stairs to the top floor, while Rayleen takes the opposite approach and explores the abysmal basement. In a cellar, Rayleen comes across an imposing, broad-shouldered, up-to-no-good kind of spirit that was a regular at the pub. In its heyday, the hotel was host to bullies and murderers who frequented its brothel. They all gave it five stars.

Upstairs in the private residence, Ian has a disturbing vision of a tall, heavy-set traveling gentleman suffocating a prostitute to death on a chaise. Could he have been the infamous Man in Black, reported to haunt the pub? Ian doesn't stay to find out as he promptly leaves the room. In his absence, Rayleen communicates with a young girl and an older female in that same private bedroom. Was the young girl the daughter of the prostitute murdered there? And if so, why isn't she in ghost bed at this hour?

Investigating the bar on the first floor, Ian swears he heard a noise coming from around a corner. When he asks whatever's there to make a noise twice, it follows his command. Witnesses have reported a lady spirit done up in very conservative attire lurking behind the bar. For having such convenient access to the booze, she's got the impeccable timing of a sober person!

Meanwhile, Rayleen has stumbled upon a secret corridor behind a door that leads to creepy creaking corridor. On every side Rayleen senses hostile male spirits warning her not to enter into what used to be gentlemen's quarters. Rather than test their hospitality, Rayleen ducks out, leaving them to their whittling or whatever it is they do alone.

Picking up were Rayleen left off, Allen and Rob explore the so-called Hallway to Hell. When Rob tries communicating with the spirits present, something whispers in his ear the word "Mick" ... which happens to be the camera operator's name. This is what’s known in the ghost-hunting world as an "intelligent haunting," and makes for much more riveting dinner conversation.

Robb and Allen, having closed the door to the Hallway to Hell, check in at the underground cellar restaurant. Allen informs us that this restaurant was once a brothel, accessible by winding tunnels and an attractive spot for miners to unwind. Having heard a symphony of strange knocks, footsteps and taps, Robb and Allen leave the basement after the high-pitched buzzing from the utility room becomes unbearable. Is the ghost of a mechanic moonlighting for the pub?

Ian brings Rayleen and Ray with him to investigate the infamous hallway, and the trio intrepidly tries their luck at catching spirits there. When Rayleen attempts to communicate with the little girl from before, a loud sound ripples through the wall as if in response. Upon entering Room 12, Ray is overcome with nausea and begins to retch. Ian notices Ray's face has gone blurry, which could mean that a spirit is trying to possess him. Before long, Ray actually passes out momentarily, before Ian is able to get him to come to.

But whatever got to Ray won't leave without a fight. Ian performs an exorcism rite to flush out Ray's visitor, and during the ritual Ray's neck microphone starts buzzing with inexplicable feedback. After Robb catches wind of Ray's collapse, he sends Gaurav and Allen to collect irrefutable evidence.

Allen thinks he may have spotted a dress scurrying across the hallway into Room 11. Next, he and Gaurav hear something like the sound of a pebble being thrown at them, possibly warning them to leave.

Before packing up for the night, Robb, Ian and Allen give the hallway a final once-over. Just as they're ready to give up, Ian hears a loud bang come from Room 11 ... but before Allen could confirm it was the same dress-wearing spirit he witnessed earlier, Robb brings the investigation to a close.

Reviewing the evidence, the wobbly-kneed Ray plays for the team an EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon recording, his device captured while he was knocked clean out. It sounds like a female spirit, possibly the murdered prostitute, saying, "Hate blue eyes." So either she's a jealous one or Ray's true blues remind her of the Man in Black's staring down at her while he had her hands around her neck.

Gaurav then shows off some of the stills he took in the hallway. One of them seems to have caught on camera a shadow person loitering far in the corridor, and the entire team, with the exception of Allen, agrees.

Well, Allen, if you don’t believe it, you can just spend the rest of the week in North Kapunda Hotel. Good luck with that!